4 Creative Wedding Lighting Ideas to Make Any Outdoor Wedding Shine

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Outdoor wedding lightingIf you’re getting ready to plan your wedding and you’re looking for a unique and creative venue, why not consider an outdoor wedding?  Outdoor weddings are (weather permitting) peaceful, romantic and eloquent, especially if you’ve selected the proper lighting.  It’s true, the proper lighting can either make or break your wedding’s overall aesthetic beauty, so do not take this decision lightly (pun intended!).  As such, here are 4 creative ideas for outdoor wedding lighting that are guaranteed to ‘wow’ your guests.

One creative idea – especially if you’ll be having a summer wedding or a destination wedding in a tropical locale – is to light up the venue with tiki torches.  The best thing about tiki torches is that they help romanticize the overall event thanks to the elegance of the flame.  Think about it – what’s more romantic than snuggling up with your significant other in front of a nice fire?  The answer is, not much, and this same ‘romantic fire’ ambiance can be provided via tiki torches.  And as an added bonus, they are relatively cheap as far as wedding lighting goes, and they help keep the area bug-free.  This one is definitely a win-win.

Another terrific wedding lighting idea is the lantern.  Although lanterns are obviously more expensive than tiki torches, they can help you personalize your wedding décor to the max since they come in a wide variety of shapes, styles and sizes.  Generally speaking, your lanterns could be lit via light bulb or candle.  Of course, much like the tiki torches, candle-lit lanterns seem more romantic by virtue of the fact that a flame is present, but on the downside you’ll need to pay close attention to candle-lit lanterns so they do not turn into a fire hazard.

Speaking of lanterns, there is another variety that is extremely cool – the wish lantern.  Wish lanterns fill up with air and literally float up into the night sky.  If you’ve ever seen the Disney movie Tangled, you’ve seen wish lanterns in action.  Although having dozens of wish lanterns levitating over top of your ceremony looks amazing, the major downside with this option is that they are temporary in nature.  In other words, they only last for about 10 minutes before pummeling back to Earth.  Therefore, the best use of this lighting idea is to do it in conjunction with another lighting option from this list.

Finally, another great way to embellish your wedding lighting ambiance is via tea light- or candle-stuffed mason jars.  Yes, mason jars are a very common wedding trinket, but most people do not think about them when it comes to lighting.  If you’re an artsy type of person, this idea is for you.  These are cheap and easy to make, and the finished product is limited only by your own imagination.  You could decorate each jar with your own personal touch, add them as centerpieces, or hang them in strategic locations around the venue.  No matter how you use them, mason jars are a great way to showcase your own unique creative skills.

The bottom line is that your wedding décor is one of the main elements of your Big Day, and that includes the wedding lighting.  If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you will definitely want to think long and hard about how to best light up the night.  Use the ideas above as a starting point, and then add your own personal flair to make them your own.  For more unique lighting ideas, check out this great Martha Stewart article.  Good luck!

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