Save a Bundle with a Winter Wedding

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Winter weddingAs I’ve written about several times before, the average cost of a wedding is absolutely ridiculous these days.  But there is one thing you can do that’ll save you a boatload of cash – get married in the wintertime.  The reason is that the demand for weddings is much lower in the winter, as 65-70% of all US weddings occur during the traditional warm weather months.  Therefore, during the slower winter months, wedding venues and service providers are often more than willing to cut you a deal – sometimes to the tune of 50% off or more!

Of course, the natural reaction from many women on this subject will be that they’d rather pay a higher price to get married when they want to, as opposed to settling for this perceived second-tier option.  All I can say is that it really boils down to your own priorities – for example, what is more critical for you, the actual wedding venue or the weather?  Let’s face it, if the plan is to have an indoor wedding anyway, does it really matter what the temperature is outside?  Now, aside from the possibility that your grandmother might not like the idea, there is a slight added risk associated with a winter wedding.  For example, a blizzard on your big day will probably force a change of plans.  But then again, what are the odds?

Here’s some real numbers that’ll serve as a nice dose of food for thought (source: an interview conducted by KARE-11 NBC News).  One DJ who charges nearly $1,100 during the peak season charges only about 50% of that amount ($595) in the winter months.  A photographer who normally charges $3,000 in the spring and summer only charges $1,700 in the winter.  As a final example, a venue that normally charges $6,000 in the summer is willing to book a wedding for only $3,500 during the winter months.

Yes the potential savings are fabulous, but keep in mind that the best deals can only be found by shopping around, irrespective of the time of year.  This is because some vendors will be busier and/or more available than others, and those that are less available are obviously going to be less willing to cut you a deal.  Negotiating is also critical to getting the best possible deals.  Vendors won’t offer you their “best and final” offer right out of the gate, so again, getting the best possible deals will take a bit of legwork whether it’s a slow demand season or not.

The bottom line is that having a winter wedding can and will cost less than a traditional peak-season wedding, and as such it’s something to consider.  Unless you want an outdoor wedding, or a destination wedding, why not consider getting married in the winter?  From where I’m sitting, as long as the venue is nice (and warm!) who cares whether it’s warm or cold outside?  But hey, that is just one gal’s opinion; it really comes down to what you want your big day to look and feel like.  And the good news for all you holdouts is that even if you don’t get married in the winter, there are still plenty of ways to save cash.  Click here for a great article that shows you exactly how to do just that.  Enjoy!

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