The 3 Hottest Wedding Theme Trends for 2013

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Vintage weddingIf you’re anything like me when I was a bride, you are or likely will be spending a significant amount of time trying to finalize your overall wedding décor.   And of course, the starting point for these decisions lies in your chosen wedding theme.  This can be somewhat daunting when you’re “in the weeds” of the wedding planning process, but now that I am a mother of the bride instead of the bride herself, I’m in a good position to take a step back and identify the most likely wedding theme trends for 2013.  So, read on for my awesome insight!

One of the hottest 2013 wedding themes in my opinion is grounded in the paper lantern trend.  The reason is that paper lanterns are inexpensive and highly customizable – they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, and they are appropriate for anything from a destination wedding to an outdoor wedding to a traditional wedding.  Paper lanterns are typically hung around the venue or placed on the tables, but for outdoor weddings in particular, wish lanterns – those that float up into the night sky – are always a real crowd pleaser.

Another wedding theme that is super hot right now is the vintage or retro theme.  For example, you might want your theme to mirror the Roaring 1920s, the 1940s, or even the 1980s.  In any case, you have the option of simply highlighting your wedding décor with elements of your chosen era, or going all out and transforming every aspect of your wedding to match your retro theme.  For example, in the former (minimalistic) case you could limit your vintage ambiance to only your dress and the groom’s suit.  Or if you want to go full-bore, you could ask your wedding guests to embrace the theme in terms of their attire, hire a vintage car as your wedding car, or decorate the entire venue with items matching your chosen theme.  Obviously, the sky is the limit here, and the degree to which you decide to incorporate your theme into the details of your wedding décor is totally up to you.

The third wedding theme that is extremely popular this year is any theme that incorporates fireworks.  Obviously, this idea is most appropriate for an outdoor venue, however there are actually fireworks designed for indoor use if you are so inclined.  Just be forewarned that in either case, it’s best to hire a professional fireworks display company to execute this idea for safety and aesthetic purposes.  Plus, a pro will be able to consult with you to craft the perfect fireworks display, which is a necessary piece of advice unless you yourself happen to work in the fireworks industry!

So, there you have it – my thoughts on the 3 most popular wedding theme trends for 2013 (for another opinion, check out these 20 predicted 2013 wedding trends).  Of course a vintage theme will likely be the most difficult to pull off, but if you really want to make a memorable impression on your guests, this’ll certainly do it!  It’s a balancing act between aesthetics, level of difficulty, and overall cost, and only YOU can decide the specifics.  Just make sure to give it plenty of thought, do your homework, and use your chosen theme as the baseline for every other element of décor at the wedding.  Good luck!

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