3 Things to Avoid During Wedding Week

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Advice for the brideIf you’re in the midst of planning your wedding, congratulations!  Trust me, the days and weeks leading up to your wedding will surely be one of the most memorable and special times of your entire life – for both the bride as well as the mother of the bride.  It’s a time for friends, family, good times, and optimism toward the future. In fact, for me this probably was the best time of my whole life. So don’t screw it up by doing any of the following dumb things the week before the big day.

Trying Experimental Beauty Tactics

First and foremost, avoid the temptation to experiment with your look right before the wedding.  Yes it is obviously important to look your absolute best, but that does not mean you need to try a new hair color or wear your makeup in a completely different way.

This warning is obviously more appropriate for hair coloring, as a new color might not look right with your skin tone or wedding dress.  Plus, depending on the time of year and the location of your wedding, certain hair dyes could oxidize in unexpected ways and not look as good as you would hope.  Luckily, even if you do get an unappealing coloring job the week before your wedding, it’s usually ok to have it immediately colored again (unless the first coloring treatment was heavy on the bleach).

In terms of makeup, although it has a lower level of permanency compared to hair dye, it’s still not something that you ought to be experimenting with in preparation for your upcoming wedding.  Really, the bottom line here is that you must trust the opinion of your makeup artist.  The best wedding makeup depends on things like skin tone, facial shape, age, season, and hairstyle.  Plus, you’ll need your makeup to last all day long, and to look good on camera and in video.  Thus, only a professional can offer you the expert advice you will need to make the best makeup decision possible.

Overexerting or Overextending Yourself

I don’t have to tell you that wedding planning is hard, but there is no need to overexert or overextend yourself.  For example, trying to do everything yourself can quickly become overwhelming, so solicit the help of others if you’re starting to feel stressed.  Similarly, avoid pulling all-nighters to get things done, as sleep deprivation can lead to short-term weight gain and bloating, a greater propensity to get sick, a decrease in skin smoothness, an increase in dark circles under the eyes, a lower tolerance to stress, and of course exhaustion.

Another thing to avoid unless you want to feel overexerted is starting a new workout regimen right before the big day.  It’s better to continue on with whatever workout regimen you have done up until this point, as starting a new routine could put stress on new parts of your body which could lead to pulled muscles, extreme soreness, or other uncomfortable conditions.  Plus, you never know how the new workout routine will impact the shape of your body – and by now, you’ve already been fitted for your dress.  The bottom line is that being sore and stiff will certainly open the door to overexertion, so try and avoid this.

Making Poor Health Choices

This last category of pre-wedding day no-no’s can run the gamut from a poor diet to drinking too much alcohol to everything in between.  Eating properly is an obvious goal.  Hopefully you are somewhat familiar with what to eat and what not to eat.  If not, check out this article from popsugar.com that discusses the worst foods you could eat before your wedding.

Alcohol in particular can wreak havoc on your health and vigor, as it can lead to a loss of energy, puffiness, reddish skin blotches, and other undesirable effects.  Yes it’s ok to have a little booze, especially during such a celebratory time in your life – just do not go overboard.  For at least the month leading up to the wedding, try and limit your alcohol intake, and eat as healthily as possible.  Trust me, if you do this, you will look and feel better on your big day.  Good luck!

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