How to Make Your Own Brooch Wedding Bouquet

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Brooch wedding bouquetWedding bouquets come in many variations, and one of the more unique variations is one made of brooches.  A brooch wedding bouquet has several benefits. 

For one, it’s a great way to add a little vintage aesthetic to your big day.  Plus, unlike traditional flower bouquets, one made from brooches will last forever.  And last but certainly not least, they are easy to make – even for us anti-DIY gals! 

Don’t believe me?  Here is a video from that will show you how:

Like any worthwhile arts & crafts project, you will need a few basic supplies: Styrofoam ball, bouquet holder or dowel (cut down to an appropriate size if necessary), pins, spray paint, glue, brooches and/or baubles, and tulle.  The first step is to spray paint the Styrofoam ball in whatever color works best with your overall arrangement and color scheme.  Metallic colors like silver and gold are probably the most common colors, but really the sky is the limit here.  Just make sure that the color scheme ties in nicely with your overall wedding theme.

Next, you will simply start attaching your brooches or baubles to the Styrofoam ball in whatever pattern makes sense.  Use glue on the underside of the brooches and baubles as necessary to strengthen the hold (obviously being careful not to destroy any family heirlooms!).  You can also use extra pins to secure larger pieces to the Styrofoam ball if necessary.

Once all of your brooches and baubles have been attached to the ball, it’s time to attach the dowel / bouquet holder.  To do this, simply press the holder into the Styrofoam ball about 4 inches deep.  Then pull it out and put glue in the hole as well as on the soon-to-be inserted portion of the dowel or bouquet holder.  Allow everything to dry and cure for approximately 24 hours.

The final step is to decorate your bouquet with some tulle.  Tie some tulle in the color of your choice to the dowel right at the base of the bouquet.  Make sure the tulle covers up any remaining bare space that may be present on the Styrofoam ball.  Fluff the tulle to your liking, and use pins to secure it in place.  And that is it – you’re done!

In the final analysis, I really love the idea of using family heirlooms in a brooch wedding bouquet.  This provides a nice familial tribute and, in a sense, is like having mom or even the grandmother of the bride herself walk down the aisle as well.  It’s a great way to inject a little personalization and uniqueness into the big day.  And, the brooch wedding bouquet is something that can be held onto forever, including being passed down to future generations.  So, if you’re looking for a unique way to add a little oomph to your bridal look, consider a non-traditional brooch wedding bouquet.  Methinks you’ll be happy that you did!  For more inspiration, check out this fabulous brooch wedding bouquet picture gallery.  Good luck and enjoy!

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