Nontraditional Wedding Transportation Options

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Hot air balloon wedding transportationIf you are like most brides-to-be, it’s easy to forget about the myriad of small details when you’re knee-deep in the wedding planning process.  One such detail that is often treated like an afterthought is the wedding transportation.  Most couples fall back on the age-old tradition of limo transportation, but if you dig a little deeper you will see that there are several other options worthy of consideration.

Obviously your choice will largely depend on the location of the wedding, the time of year, and the distance between the church or venue and the hotel, if different.  If you are getting married in warmer weather with only limited transportation needs, the sky is the limit.  But if you’re having a winter wedding, or if the church is several miles from the reception venue, you’ll have fewer options.  That said, the transportation you choose for your wedding is ripe for your personal touch no matter what the situation.

One of my favorite transportation options is the old fashioned horse and buggy.  This option is particularly appropriate for a summer or outdoor wedding with a country or vintage wedding theme.  In my opinion, there is simply nothing more elegant than a stunning bride and groom approaching the altar via horse and buggy or carriage.  If you don’t like horses, a few other excellent options that are appropriate for country or vintage themes include an antique automobile, an antique motorcycle with a side car, or a farm tractor (think hayride).

If you are having a winter wedding at an expected snow-covered locale, you have several incredibly romantic wedding transportation options available.  One unique option is a sled pulled by dogs.  Another fun idea is entering the ceremony on a decorated 2-person snowmobile.  Still another option, for the physically fit, is cross country skis.  Other wintry ideas include snow tubes, sleigh rides, and ice skates.  The beauty of nontraditional transportation options for a winter wedding is that they can truly provide an opportunity to blow your guests away with an entrance or departure that they will only see once in their lives.

Ok, if you’re conservative and don’t want to go crazy with your wedding transportation options, stop reading here.  But if you’ve got a bit of a wild side, I’ve come up with a short list of awesomely epic transportation options guaranteed to make a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.   For example, you could use the sky as your highway by parachuting into the ceremony or departing in a hot air balloon.  If you will be getting married near a body of water, you could utilize boat transportation – this would be absolutely perfect for a beach wedding.  Other somewhat extreme ideas include things like a tandem bicycle, a race car (for the NASCAR fan), a fire truck, an ice cream truck, or a novelty vehicle (think banana car).

I hope I got your creative juices flowing a little bit with these creative wedding transportation options.  For even more inspiration, check out this wedding transportation photo gallery from  The bottom line is that your entrance and departure will definitely leave a lasting first and final impression, respectively, so why not try and maximize those impressions by doing something truly special and unique?  Just make sure your chosen transportation option ties-in with your season, location and theme.  Good luck, and have fun with it!

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