Tips for the Pregnant Bride

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Pregnant brideGetting married when pregnant presents its own set of unique challenges.  The expectant bride-to-be must take a few extra steps to look and feel her best, and this is not always easy. 

Thus, the purpose of today’s post is to offer some practical tips for pregnant brides that will help them look and feel as good as possible throughout the course of the entire wedding day.

Tips for Perfecting the Pregnant Bride Look

Obviously being pregnant has a dramatic impact on body shape, so finding the perfect wedding dress – or more appropriately, the perfect special occasion maternity dress – can be tricky at best.  And since your mid-section is likely to expand during the weeks and months leading up to the big day, it is absolutely critical to buy the gown as close to the wedding date as possible.  Yes this flies in the face of my “regular” advice whereby I usually advocate starting the dress shopping excursion as early on in the process as possible, but being pregnant is a unique situation.  Depending on what trimester you are in, buying your wedding dress a few months before the wedding date will likely guarantee that it will not fit properly on D-day.  So in this unique situation, waiting until the proverbial last minute is actually a good thing.

Aside from the timing of the dress purchase, there are also some style elements that ought to be considered for any expectant bride.  First and foremost, when pregnant, it’s preferable to avoid the iconic “white wedding.”  Wedding dresses featuring colors are increasingly trendy right now, and adding some color can truly have a slimming effect on the appearance of your body.  For example, darker colors like red and hunter green can offer a visually slimming effect.  And keep in mind that your dress does not need to be monochromatic or feature a single color – it is perfectly acceptable to have a white gown with splashes of color in strategic locations.

Another slimming element is a dress that shows some leg.  This helps draw the eye away from the mid-section and down to the legs.  The overall impact is one of balance, whereby your baby bulge will be “neutralized” by the contrasting leg visibility.  A similar result can be achieved by wearing a sash.  Although a sash is not as slimming as the other suggestions above, it can add an element of class and dignity to any pregnant bride.

Tips for Maximizing the Comfort of the Pregnant Bride

Obviously being pregnant is not exactly akin to comfort, and getting married is certainly no exception.  In fact, the typical bride is on her feet for at least 8 hours throughout the wedding day, so it can be extremely difficult for any pregnant bride to maintain a satisfactory level of comfort all day long.  The bottom line is that being more comfortable will allow you to be more sociable, savor the moment, and ultimately enjoy your big day to the maximum extent possible.

The main tip here is to wear comfortable wedding shoes!  Many expectant brides-to-be actually bring 2 pairs of shoes with them on their big day – one low-heeled pair for the ceremony itself, and a more comfortable pair without heels for the wedding reception.  Another somewhat commonsensical tip is to try and take a load off every now and then.  For example, if the average bride is on her feet 8 hours during her wedding, aim for 5-6 hours on your feet with frequent breaks in between.  Simply put – pace yourself; this is a marathon, not a sprint.


Being an expectant bride is not easy, but it is much more feasible if you follow the advice in this post.  Shop for your wedding dress late in the game (no earlier than 1 month before the wedding day), and consider styles, colors, and embellishments that can provide a slimming effect.  And in terms of comfort, wear comfortable shoes to the reception, and give yourself frequent breaks throughout the day.  Follow this advice, and you will be a happy, glowing, and vibrant pregnant bride.  And whatever you do, do not end up like this pregnant bride!  Good luck!

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