3 Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings of All Time

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Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Expensive Celebrity WeddingToday is Friday and I’m feeling a little frisky.  So for today’s post I thought I’d tackle something fun and write about the 3 most expensive celebrity weddings ever.  Now, when I say ‘celebrity’ I am not referring to royalty, world leaders or big time CEOs – rather, I’ve chosen to focus only on celebrities in the US movie and music industries.  So forget about royal weddings and Bill Gates and bring on Tom Cruise!

Speaking of Tom, I’ll start with his luxurious 2006 ceremony with ex-wife Katie Holmes.  At a $2 million price tag, this wedding alone cost more than what most people will earn in their entire lifetime.  The wedding was held at a 15th century castle called the Odescalchi Castle just outside of Rome, and an estimated 150 guests were in attendance including celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith, John Travolta, Jim Carrey, and Victoria Beckham to name just a few.  The event featured a full-blown fireworks display, top-of-the-line food and drink, and even a performance by Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli.  The bridal party’s outfits were designed by none other than Armani, and although there is no information regarding how much Katie’s wedding dress cost, word on the street is that her undergarments alone cost well over $3,000.

Next on my list is Elizabeth Hurley’s 2007 marriage to Tyco Vice President Arun Nayar.  The $2.5 million event might just be the most lavish of all the expensive celebrity weddings on this list.  It spanned a full 8 days and involved not one, but two high-priced venues.  The actual wedding ceremony was conducted at the Suderly Castle in Gloucester, England.  This ceremony was witnessed by approximately 300 guests, including Sir Elton John, who actually did a serenade of Your Song as Elizabeth walked down the aisle.  Afterward the couple and 200 of their guests flew to the Umaid Bhawan Fortress in India for a whopping 6-day celebration.  Some of the specific costs of this celebrity wedding include $300,000 for private jet rentals, and $100,000 for accommodations.  God only knows what the dancing white horses cost!

The third expensive celebrity wedding on my list is Christina Aguilera’s 2005 marriage to Jordan Bratman, who is a powerful music producer.  About 130 guests attended the Napa Valley winter-themed wedding, and the total cost was well over $2 million – Christina’s Christian Lacroix wedding gown alone cost nearly $80,000.  The lavish Jewish ceremony featured a 14-piece orchestra from the San Francisco Symphony, a white Rolls Royce Phantom for the bride, and bridesmaid dresses designed by Kai Millia (Stevie Wonder’s wife).  The reception itself was held in an over-the-top mountainside tent structure, and the DJ played music until after 5am, at which time waffles were served to the guests for breakfast.

So, that is my quick and dirty list of 3 of the most expensive celebrity weddings ever.  For more dirt, check out this site for info on a wide range of celebrity weddings

The funny thing is that all 3 of these marriages ended in divorce just a few short years later.  Clearly, the cost of a wedding has no correlation at all with a marriage’s probability of success.  So I guess it’s true what they say – you can’t buy love (but…at least you can have fun trying!).

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