Tea Length of Bridesmaid Dresses

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Finding the perfect bridesmaid dress can be just as daunting of a task as finding the perfect bride’s dress. With the endless cuts, colors, lengths and styles available, it can be nearly impossible to find a single style that is flattering that also possesses a degree of repeat wearability. Tea length hemlines are an ideal choice for a bridesmaid dress. Whether the bridesmaid is young or old, short or tall, plus size or petite, a tea length style dress will accentuate her figure and be sure to make her look and feel radiant on that special day.

What is a Tea Length Dress?

A tea length dress sports a hemline that falls anywhere from just below the knee to just below the calf. The timelessness and elegance of this length makes it an appropriate choice for any age and just about any type of wedding.

When is Tea Length Appropriate For a Wedding?

Tea length dresses are appropriate in virtually any setting. They can be dressed up with delicate lace sleeves and stilettos, or dressed down for a less formal beach wedding- no worries of a sand-dragging hemline!

What Style Variations Are Available?

Tea length dresses are incredibly versatile, making them an easy and fashionable pick no matter how many bridesmaids are in the wedding party. For a full-figured woman, a modest neckline and a full skirt offer a flattering and stylish choice. For a young bridesmaid, an asymmetrical front-to-back tea length hemline with a vintage-inspired broad strap is a more contemporary yet still elegant option. For older bridesmaids, a classic high neckline, elegant elbow-length sleeves, and a slightly fuller skirt are a sophisticated look.

What About Themed Weddings?

A tea length-style dress can be a great choice for a themed wedding as well. It allows the bridesmaid to choose from a variety of accessories, sleeve styles, necklines, and hairstyles while still looking as formal- or informal!- as her bride expects. Tea length dresses can add an element of freshness and fun to any wedding! They can be paired with unique shoes or patterned stockings, which is something that cannot be said about most bridesmaid dresses! They can also be offset with pretty gloves, a cute vintage fascinator hat, or even a colored birdcage veil to give each bridesmaid that special element of her outfit.

Why Choose a Tea Length Bridesmaid Dress?

Tea length bridesmaid dresses offer a versatility and repeat wearability that the majority of other bridesmaid dresses do not. They are flattering to every age and every build, which is a feature every bride seeks in her bridesmaids’ dresses. They are appropriate for a range of weddings- formal, informal, or anything in-between- and can be easily adapted for a variety of themed weddings. Combine these factors with their availability and affordability, and tea length dresses are sure to be every bridesmaid’s top choice!

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