Choosing the Flowers for a Bridal Bouquet

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When choosing your wedding bouquet a number of things will influence which flowers you choose. The time of year in which your wedding will take place, your color scheme, your wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses, and your budget, are all major factors you will have to take into account. You may also want to know a little about the language of flowers when choosing your blooms.

The language of Flowers

Although different cultures may interpret the associations differently, it is commonly agreed that certain flowers represent particular sentiments or emotions. For a really romantic element, you may want to consider this when choosing your wedding bouquet.

White flowers

White roses suggest virtue and chastity; similarly white lilies symbolize purity, and white carnations symbolize pure love and good luck. White tulips stand for forgiveness, white bouvardia (small star-like flowers with a delicate scent) stand for enthusiasm and white gooseneck loosestrife (slender arching white flowers) stands for wishes granted. Using white flowers in your bridal bouquet will create an aura of beauty and purity, and you can mix in stronger colors and elegant greenery to personalize your bouquet and create a stunning effect, as well as a truly beautiful aroma.

Choosing Flowers with a Special Message

Choose mimosa which represents chastity because its sensitive leaves close at night or when touched, magenta ranunculus (paper thin petals which cascade in ruffles)which are in season Spring to early Summer (they give the message of being dazzled by your loved one’s charm). Choose dark green fern fronds for fascination, blue hyacinths for sincerity and consistency, purple iris to represent a promise, wide, deep green hosta leaves for devotion. Consider sprigs of mint (warmth of feeling), lavender (devotion), clematis (unchanged for eternity), forget-me-nots (remembrance and declaration of true love), green and white caladium (great joy), apple blossoms (good fortune) or myrtle, simply, a symbol of love.

Tulips, Roses, Lilies, Carnations and Orchids

Tulips symbolize perfect love, consuming love and memory, particularly red tulips; or consider yellow tulips for happiness and cheerful thoughts. As well as their connotation with the crucifixion of Christ, red roses stand for passionate and romantic love; pink roses imply a lesser affection, gratitude, admiration and happiness; yellow roses stand for friendship or devotion, and orange spray roses stand for love. Tiger or stargazer lilies represent wealth and prosperity. Light red carnations stand for admiration, and deep red carnations for deep love. Pink orchids represent delicate beauty, pure love/affection, luxury, refinement, splendor; and cattleya orchids stand for mature charm or a graceful woman.

Knowing just a little about the language of flowers makes choosing which flowers you carry on your special day, even more special.

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