Wedding Traditions Stand the Tests of Time

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If you are a creature of habit, chances are you have come to appreciate traditions of one kind or another. Traditions are the connective elements we incorporate to celebrate our personal connections with others.

One significant traditional gesture during weddings begins with spiritual acknowledgement of divine love. Permanent unity and love between two people is an eternal connection with the Divine Creator. To celebrate this divine union is a testament and the spiritual crux of every wedding. This practice has become the ultimate universal tradition for affirming eternal love between two people and their Creator.

Establishing traditions is also a multifaceted walk stemming from cultural essences, familial influences and other social elements. Traditions signify unity and consistency, and play very significant roles in the lives of many. Wedding ceremonies, in particular seem to thrive greatly when incorporating traditional gestures and values.


Create your own traditions

If the old stand-by of something borrowed and something blue is not your top-choice of traditional picks, creating new wedding traditions which support life, love and spiritual unity on personal terms could be just the answer for some. While weddings were originally created as an earthly and spiritual union, finding personalized ways to express this acknowledgement can also be very meaningful.

Kindred spirits and new traditions

Including friends and family members in new wedding traditions sets the tone for meaningful connections, longevity and hope for the future. Lighting candles as a group, sharing a toast with a favorite beverage or writing a special message in a beautiful wedding diary are wonderful traditions to consider.

Keeping love alive

Every bride and groom-to-be desires some sort of unique or intimate wedding tradition to call their own. Wedding traditions are certainly memorable experiences; but they can also be influential elements for strengthening the backbone of a marriage. Embracing the special meaning and connection of wedding traditions is like food for the soul. It helps to keep marital priorities in the forefront, as well as keeping an intimate spark ignited.

Whatever traditions light up your beautiful wedding day, make them genuine to your personal circumstances. Rely on harmonious and mutual instincts which celebrate your lives together using love’s most important messages. Set traditional goals high for the standard of love should be as high and wide as the universe. Take the time to make your wedding sing with exceptional meaning. Fall in love again and again with eloquent traditions that will stand the tests of time.

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