Grandmother of the Bride Fashion Front Runner

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There is so much to look forward to when planning a beautiful wedding. Humorously, that first family announcement of planning a beautiful wedding can have some pretty powerful leverage for accelerating the power of the Fashion Thinking Cap. Women especially have a hearty knack for this cerebral gift. One primary suggestion: When you can’t beat them, join them. It is usually best to go with the fashion-flow of thinking during this treasured time; for this dynamically festive and highly motivated process will not be defeated. The hunt for the perfect wedding party attire begins.
Today, we will entertain respect by addressing some vogue ideas for the loveliest Grandmother of the Bride.

Age is a factor

Any age is a wonderful time to get dressed up for a gorgeous wedding. Paying special attention to age-appropriate style selections is a good place to start when selecting a Grandmother of the Bride dress. Exterior elements like temperature and seasonal factors will influence personal choice and availability concerns.

Grandmothers between ages 40-50

One very delicious style for ladies of this age is the three-quarter sleeve lace peplum sheath. Delicate lace drapes beautifully with a slightly fitted look without being too clingy. V-neck line accents décolleté leaving room for jewelry accenting. Three-quarter sleeves offer warmth as well as a sophisticated appearance. Peplum addition slenderizes while addressing the latest trends. This style is a real winner.

Grandmothers over 50

Lovely grandmothers over the age of 45 are equally as fortunate to have many wedding style options available. Darling jackets, beautifully sheer shawls and pashminas made of the finest silks and fabrics make perfect shoulder wraps during chillier moments. Gorgeous off-the-shoulder styles deliver the sexy yet sophisticated look.

Longer dress lengths are such an attractive plus and often the most comfortable. Tea-length dresses have been and remain a fabulous fashion feature for the more seasoned fashionista.

Grandmother of the Bride’s one important reminder: Blend and Bend. Select dresses which will complement the bridal party’s colors and styles while feeling free and fabulous – all in one. Avoid dresses which bind, bunch or drag. Consider jackets or shawls as a layering effect for easy removal. Colorful dresses can be very nice; but keep patterns to a minimum and color selections appropriate for skin tone and wedding party protocol.

Helpful Hint: Don’t shy away from wedding dress stores. There is usually a wedding fashion professional ready to answer those entire Grandmother of the Bride dress style questions. Now is the time to have a wonderful time selecting the perfect Grandmother of the Bride dress. With a little effort the bride won’t be the only beautiful belle at this ball!

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