Which Way Do I Go? Themed Weddings Galore!

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Almost every young girl thinks about the most wonderful day of her life – her wedding day. In days of old, her wedding day would consist of valued traditional statements such as a beautiful wedding gown and veil, bouquet of favorite flowers and a bridal party to witness the blessed event.

Today, young girls are still thinking about their wedding days. Only today, weddings are trending toward tradition with a big punch of personal imagination. Making wedding day dreams come true has taken on a whole new approach to the traditional wedding planning phases. One of the most creative and conceptual wedding statements of the 21st century are themed weddings where exceptionally vivid wedding day dreams really can come true.

Themed wedding locations

Creating the perfect themed wedding begins with the perfect location. Traditional church weddings are still very desirable in today’s fast-paced world. Select churches may even allow certain themes to be carried out. In this situation, themes revolving around color, flowers or more traditional preferences are likely to be accepted. Always check with the church prior to planning any type of wedding ceremony.

Non-traditional weddings held outside of a church or religious structure may offer a more flexible attitude when it comes to themed wedding ideas. Again, always consult with the venue prior to planning.

Themed wedding ideas

The world is a bride and groom’s nuptial oyster when it comes to planning a themed wedding. The options are personal while allowing endless opportunities to express mutual love for one another.

Utilizing hobbies, skills, bucket lists and personal dreams are automatic themed wedding planning strategies to incorporate into one amazing wedding day. Suppose you love wedding cakes. Why not have one huge faux wedding cake designed where the bride and groom stand on top unifying their love for one another. Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

Perhaps solidifying nuptials at sea sets your heart afloat. Adding beautiful sea-worthy touches of pearls, rich teak wood accents, driftwoods and other sea faring decor will enhance the charm of sea-loving wedding themes. Serve up platters of delectable fishes, mussels and indigenous sea delicacies as a main course or hors d’oeuvre buffet bar. Chartering a gorgeous yacht for the wedding ceremony and reception is one very romantic way to magically sail off into the sunset of love.

Creating the perfect themed wedding doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Get creative. Bring wedding dreams to fruition by using helpful websites, travel resources, professionals and even personal friends. Using the imagination like an open box is the best and most fun way to create the themed wedding of a lifetime.

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