A Day to Remember: Only the Finest Dress Will Do

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The invitations are sent. The flowers have been ordered and the bride’s dress is in the full-swing alterations mode. All of the details have been addressed except one very important step. What will the mothers and grandmothers of the bridal party be wearing on the big day?

Giving heartfelt thought to the mothers and grandmothers of the bridal party is not only polite; it is a wonderful way to unite new families.

Including mothers and grandmothers of the bridal party in the wedding planning is a loving way to express their significance during this beautiful occasion. One of the most attractive and appreciated measures to consider for these special women is how they may express personal dress preferences within the bridal party’s style.

Working with Color

Working with color selection is probably the easiest place to begin. If certain colors within the bridal party’s attire are not complementary to mothers and grandmothers of the bridal party, consider using the color wheel to find the opposite or contrasting color. While dress styles do not have to match exactly, coordinating mother and grandmother’s dresses with the overall design of the bride’s gown and wedding party’s attire will also complement family and bridal party photographs.

Accentuate the Positive

Coordinating dress styles for mothers and grandmothers of the bridal party should always offer a different sense of sophistication from the bridal party’s attire. There’s nothing very appealing about seeing a mother or grandmother trying to compete with the bride’s age-group and attire. Therefore, selecting dresses which complement the age difference is not only a sign of respect and honorable acknowledgement; it offers proper distance from the appropriate attention awaiting the bride on her big day.

Donning Classic Style

Why not add a bit of chic style to their wedding day outfits? Beautiful wedding cap hats with fish net accenting is a timeless designer piece any woman will appreciate. Add feathers, gemstones, pearls or ribbon for a little extra pizzazz, making sure not to outdo the bride, of course. Little touches like this are wonderful ways to make the special women in your wedding day feel beautiful.

Moments to Appreciate

Mothers and grandmothers of the bride and groom play important roles in their children’s wedding day. Sharing in the excitement of the day with special spa days, delicious luncheons and beautiful dresses are heartwarming ways to express your love to the women who helped make this day come true. Finding ways to shine a light of gratitude on these amazing women is a powerful statement and a tradition worth valuing.

Wedding days are wonderful times for making incredible memories. After years of supporting their children, now is a wonderful time to support mothers and grandmothers by making them feel as special as they truly are. Assisting them with gorgeous wedding apparel decisions is a great way to keep the family connection alive and well. Celebrating your wedding in style with stunning dresses for mothers and grandmothers is the perfect finishing touch for this unforgettable day.

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