Don’t feel lost when deciding what to wear

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These days, there are more options than ever for the mother of the bride when choosing what to wear. This is a blessing and a curse, as for some people, more options can mean more stress. If you are feeling lost, just take the process step-by-step and consider a few simple points.

How to coordinate

The best piece of advice is to let the bride take the lead. Any decisions the mother will make should be based off her gown, as well as the décor of the party. Paying attention to the venue itself should be a factor as well. Traditionally, the mother of the bride will choose her apparel first, followed by the mother of the groom, and each should be wearing a different color in order to distinguish herself. They do not necessarily have to be wearing outfits of the same length, but it can be a nice touch. Most of all, be sure to order at least three months ahead of time, to allow for alterations.

Choosing a color

One of the most important points you should think about is what color the mother of the bride should wear. Beige is the traditional choice, and white should definitely be avoided and reserved for the bride herself. Avoid black and bright, flashy colors. One way to color coordinate is to choose clothing in the same general color scheme as the bridesmaids’ dresses. This way you can still distinguish yourself while keeping in step with everyone else. However, when all is said and done, the best course of action is to ask the bride herself and see what she prefers.

It’s up to you!

At the end of the day, you should wear what you feel most comfortable in and what will make your family happy. If you don’t want to dress like a mom, you don’t have to. Choose the dress that you want as a mother of the bride. Your primary concern is making a choice that best suits your tastes and the overall style and feel of the special day itself. What can’t be stressed enough is communication; if you make sure everyone is on the same page, everything will turn out perfectly.

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