Wedding jewelry dos and don’ts for mothers of the bride

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When you’ve got a daughter getting married, you have to figure out what you are going to wear from your dress and shoes to you makeup, and even your jewelry.

Do wear borrowed jewelry with new jewelry

During this day, it’s okay to wear borrowed jewelry and new jewelry. As long as all of the jewelry matches, you will be just fine. For example, you may want to wear some of the jewelry that you wore at your own wedding to your daughter’s wedding while also wearing some of the jewelry pieces that she has selected for you.

Don’t wear a necklace with an asymmetrical dress

If you will be wearing a one shoulder dress to the wedding, make sure you don’t wear a necklace with it. The one shoulder dress is already a fashion statement, and adding a necklace to the dress will make you look unbalanced. Instead, you should put on some simple earrings.

Don’t wear a watch

The last thing you want to do is wear a watch, especially if you are an important person in the wedding like the mother of the bride. It gives off the effect that you want to keep track of time, and this should be the last thing on your mind when you are supporting someone on their special day.

Don’t over accessorize

When going to a wedding it is natural to want to look nice. However, keep in mind the bride is the focus. All eyes should be on her. Additionally, if you over accessorize you will have all of the eyes on you, but it might be because it looks like you were playing dress up with a toddler.

Do give yourself time to get ready

Especially as you have an important role as mother of the bride, it’s important to start preparing your attire in advance and give yourself enough time to get dressed the day of. You don’t want to go to the wedding looking like you decided what you were going to wear a few minutes before getting dressed.

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