Basic mother of the bride dress etiquette for destination weddings

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Destination weddings are becoming a popular trend. The one exception, however, is that the dresses for both mothers and grandmothers will be determined by the location chosen by the couple.

First things first… what exactly is a destination wedding?

When couples choose to have their wedding ceremony and reception in a place other than where they live, it is called a destination wedding. More couples are opting for weddings far away from where they live for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s Disney World, Las Vegas or the Grand Canyon, the possibilities are endless and so are the options for mother of the bride dresses.

Dress for the occasion

As a rule of thumb, when choosing the perfect mother of the bride dress for a destination wedding, it is important to conform to the formality and style of the wedding. The mothers of both the bride and the groom should make it a point to consult each other and the bride about their dresses. The bride will keep them informed about what to expect regarding weather, tradition, and any special protocol required at the location. For example, you would not want to wear a sequined red velvet gown to a wedding brunch on the beach in Hawaii.

Typically, a formal evening wedding would call for an elegant evening gown, while a tea length dress would be appropriate for a simple afternoon affair. In either case, customarily, the dresses worn by the mothers of the bride and groom are expected to be a step above the guests, so don’t worry if you go a tiny bit overboard in your selection. However, remember that age appropriate sophistication, not glamour, always wins the day.

Additionally, the mother of the bride’s dress should complement, but not duplicate, the style and colors of the wedding party. Of course, wearing white or ivory is usually a big no-no unless specifically requested by the bride. These guidelines apply to the mother of the groom and grandmothers as well.

Communication is the key to mother of the bride dress etiquette

There is only one basic rule to remember to ensure that you choose the perfect dress for a destination wedding: if you are not sure if your dress meets the expectations of the bride or the time and place of the occasion, just ask!

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