Tips for being the perfect mother of the bride

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We’ve all seen TV shows and movies where the mother of the bride is an absolute nightmare. You have probably told yourself that you are not going to be that mom. To ensure you are able to keep your promise to yourself, here are some tips for being the perfect mother of the bride.

Let her go with her own taste

When you were hitched years ago, there were different trends going on. If your daughter wants to go shopping for mother of the bride dresses with you, do not shoot down all of her suggestions. It is her wedding and if she prefers that you wear a specific color or style, go with it. This is a once in a lifetime event for her and you should do everything to make sure it goes exactly as she plans.

Do not try to plan everything

As the mother of the bride, your daughter is going to need your help and support. However, do not try to plan her entire wedding, as this is her special day. You may prefer her to write everything down, while she may prefer to keep things organized on her iPad. Your job is to just go with the flow and help with what she asks you to do and support her with her decisions. This means you should support the dress type that she selects for herself too.

Make yourself available

Sometimes weddings can cause moms to become upset with their daughters, especially when she does something against your beliefs. However, you should still be available every time she calls and do as much as she needs but nothing more. Regardless of the disputes you may have during the wedding planning stage, she still loves and needs you – she is just under a lot of stress as she prepares for her new life.

Closing thoughts

Helping your daughter plan her wedding is a very important duty. However, it is understandable that as mother of the bride, you want some of the bride’s roles. Instead, just do as you’re asked and support your daughter, because her wedding day is a day that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

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