Picture perfect mother-of-the-bride dresses

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There are few days as meaningful as when your daughter walks down the aisle on her wedding day. Through your support as the mother-of-the-bride, it is up to you to help make every aspect of her day picture perfect.

The mother-of-the-bride is tasked with many roles, yet must know where boundaries begin and end. There are planning duties, budget decisions, shopping duties, guest list preparation, rehearsal dinner festivities and so on, all while accommodating the groom and his family in the wedding events. Yet, despite the many functions that fall upon the mother-of-the-bride, the one that deserves your utmost attention is choosing the mother-of-the-bride dress. Your choice will forever be captured in your daughter’s cherished photo albums and wedding videos, and it has to be perfect.

Pre-wedding photographs

As the mother-of-the-bride, you will not be limited to posing for just the typical family portrait. On this special day, you are expected to be ready early so that you can calm any pre-wedding jitters, handle any mishaps and, of course, be available for mother-daughter pre-wedding photographs.

Nuptial and reception photographs

After greeting guests at the location of the wedding ceremony you will be formerly escorted to your seat. This is an important part of the wedding ceremony. As the mother-of-the-bride is the last to be seated, it is the signal for the ceremony to begin, and the tradition is usually included in the wedding photos.

Once the bride and groom have taken their vows and the celebration begins, you will more than likely be introduced into the reception and maybe share in a few dances as the photographer once again records the event.

Through a day a day that starts early, proceeds through the nuptials and culminates in a fabulous wedding reception, you are expected to be calm, cool and looking your best through it all.

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful mother-of-the-bride

Ultimately, the mother-of-the-bride dress must be age appropriate, color complementary, and very stylish, but most of all comfortable. You want your end-of-the-night photos to look just as fresh and beautiful as they did when the day began. After all, your daughter will view her wedding photos and videos countless times throughout her married life and each time she sees you, she will smile at the memory of how her amazing mom in her picture perfect mother-of-the-bride dress helped make her wedding a day to treasure forever.

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