Beach wedding style for the mother of the bride

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Beach weddings are becoming more and more popular. Whether it’s a toes in the sand kind of event or a more formal affair, exchanging vows on the beach makes for an unforgettable wedding. When you’re the mother of the bride, a beach wedding offers a fantastic opportunity to let your true personality shine through with your mother of the bride dress.


A tea length dress is a great choice for mom for beach weddings, especially if the bride and groom have called for the guests to go barefoot. A dress hitting at mid-calf gives a fun, fresh feeling, and swings prettily in the breeze while your feet wiggle in the sand. Since most beach weddings are held during the day, a tea length dress is a better choice than a cocktail length dress. A beach theme also allows for a more casual style. A beautiful, tropical pants suit is also a wonderful choice if that is more your style.


A beach wedding is almost always going to be in the summer months, and that means you will be standing out in the hot sun. Choose the fabric of your dress with this in mind. Keep it lightweight and flowy instead of heavy and stiff. Seersucker is a great choice if you are wearing a pants suit. Basically just make sure the fabric of the outfit you choose is breathable and soft, ensuring your comfort throughout the ceremony.


A beach wedding means exactly that, so make sure you choose the right footwear for the big day. If you are wearing shoes on the beach, flats are definitely the right call. As much as you might want to wear pretty heels, you will regret it the moment you start to sink into the sand. For safety and style, a charming flat is perfect. A beach-themed embellishment at the toe adds a touch of fun and whimsy. If you are wearing pants or even shorts, a canvas nautical style sneaker can work for the ceremony. You can always change into more formal shoes once you’re on solid ground.


The right accessories will make your outfit, and a beach theme lets you go for the fun aspect of accessorizing. A strand of shells around the neck and wrists and pearl earrings are perfect if your style is more subtle. If you want to go bold, choose bright beads, large shell themed earrings and lots of bangles. You will almost definitely want to choose a lovely hat to keep the sun off your face. A wide brimmed straw hat with a colorful band to match your outfit is a classic choice.

It’s about fun!

Overall, if your daughter has chosen a beach themed wedding and is getting married on the waterfront, it’s going to be a casual, relaxed ceremony. This gives you an opportunity to have fun with your style. The right mother of the bride’s dress will keep you fresh and comfortable while experiencing the joy of this exciting day.

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