How to cultivate the perfect

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You’ve got your perfect mother of the bride dress. The wedding is organized, the venue is confirmed, the band has been hired, you’ve got a preacher or officiant to hold the ceremony, and your child and their spouse-to-be are busy looking for their first house… and hopefully planning your first grand-child!

There is one little way you can add to all of this, without spending a single cent. It’s better than any gift you could give them, and people will remember it long after everything else is gone – build up your personality, or charisma.

Even if everything else is picture perfect, you can make the event perfectly memorably by cultivating your “inner fashion.” Best of all, it doesn’t even cost a cent – only some time and effort on your part.

Here are a few ways to do this:


You can go to church receptions, local chamber-of-commerce meetings, and other local events where you meet people and put on your best personality. You can learn what works to make yourself a fascinating person, and what doesn’t, and then apply the same skills to use in the wedding.

Use the “magic word” in conversation

Use “you” more often and keep your conversations focused on the other person. If you do this, they will find you magnetic and fascinating. It sounds paradoxical, but people really will find you more irresistible if you show genuine interest in them.

Practice “socratic dialogue”

Once you start focusing conversations on the other person, practice guiding the conversation by using focused, open-ended, leading questions. Ask them about what they tell you, and use your questions to show that you listened to them, and are curious about what they have to say.

Here’s a good tip; pretend you are a small child, and are infinitely curious about the new world you are discovering. If you approach every conversation at the wedding with the curiosity of a small child, people will respond to you enthusiastically.

Build your charisma

Build your charisma by practicing in the mirror. Look at yourself in the eyes, relax, let your shoulders settle back. You can even use an “affirmation”, like telling yourself, “I am the most charismatic attendee at my child’s wedding”, while smiling. It may sound corny but you will naturally take on a more relaxed and enthusiastic persona if you encourage yourself in front of the mirror.

Tell stories

When you do speak and share things about you with wedding guests, try to turn everything you say into an interesting story. Again, don’t be afraid to talk about everyday things like they are the most fascinating events ever to happen. People will respond to the way you are saying them, and you will become the “life of the party” – or the wedding, in this case.

If you cultivate a magnetic personality and irresistible charisma, you’ll make your child’s wedding far more memorable. Your outer beauty is crucial, but don’t neglect your “inner beauty.” Follow these steps and you’ll be amazed at the way people respond and remember you.

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