Cherish the grandmother of the bride with these dress ideas

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Weddings celebrate the joyous time of joining two families together, and the grandmother of the bride plays an integral role in this. In order to give her the respect and courtesy she is due, here’s a couple of simple tips to help in finding the perfect dress for the grandmother of the bride.

For the grandmother of the bride, simple is always best

Unlike the brides’ dresses – which can range from extravagant and frilly to absolutely decadent and gorgeous, the grandmother of the bride is best served with a garment choice that respects her age and wisdom, without making her the center of attention. This is the bride’s day, after all. The mother of the bride will likely be supporting her daughter throughout this momentous day, so dress choices that are loose, light and comfortable are always a good idea.

Here are a couple of general garment ideas for the grandmother of the bride’s dress:

– light colors
– low contrast
– soft, stretchy fabrics
– flowing and breezy
– excellent range of motion

Lighter colors and softer textures are always preferred. It’s best to stay away from white but high contrast is still acceptable in most instances, although low contrast is the preference because it allows for flare without being overstated. Where possible, prioritize freedom of movement and comfort. Breezy and stretchy fabrics can come in handy, especially for those outdoor summer weddings.

The grandmother of the bride deserves a proper dress

The grandmother of the bride is the symbol of stability and wisdom for the bride’s family. She has overseen two generations of women come into her family and maybe even a third. Her dress will have to speak volumes. A dress that compliments her ability to move gracefully about the room, yet is comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time, is a must.

Weddings can stretch over the course of an entire day. The grandmother of the bride must be prepared and well presented if she is to keep it going throughout the reception. Selecting the right dress for her, incorporating comfort, flexibility, and modest color choices, will go a long way to ensuring this wedding is a truly momentous occasion.

Photo by Lee J Haywood

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