How mothers of the bride can harness the 2015 ‘bold and bright’ trend

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There is currently a popular color scheme trend which you may have seen in wedding and bridal magazines throughout 2015; this trend is bright and bold. The style uses oranges, yellows, blues, greens and even reds to create a delightfully summery and cheerful look. Mothers of the bride often wish for their outfits to work with the overall wedding color scheme, so here are a few tips to help you harness the bright and bold style when looking for mother of the bride dresses:

Check that your color choice won’t clash

The great thing about the bright and bold style is that the bride and groom can mix and match a few different colors for a fantastic result, without worrying too much about clashing. However, it’s important to take note of their color choices and choose an outfit that will complement it. For example if they’re opting for reds, oranges and yellow you may want to steer clear of blue and green mother of the bride dresses.

Choose a simple cut

It can be tough to pull off bold block colors, but usually if the cut of your dress is relatively simple then bright colors can work very well. Avoid mother of the bride dresses which have lots of frills or embellishments. You could opt for a simple shift dress or A-line style, for example. Simplicity will let the color stand out and speak for itself.

Dress it up with the right accessories

Gold, silver and sparkles don’t always work so well with the bright and bold color trend since it tends to be seen as a reasonably relaxed, natural style. Team your bright dress with chunky wooden bangles and beaded necklaces and consider wearing wicker wedge shoes to create a stylish, bohemian look.

Check your color choice with the bride

Generally, it is not recommended that mothers of the bride wear red or other particularly bold colors as this can be seen as upstaging the bride. However, if the bride has chosen the bright and bold trend you could make an exception to the rule and even sport a cherry red dress without a problem. No matter what color you plan to wear, it’s best to check with your daughter that she’s happy with your bright and bold choice.

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