How to beat the heat on your daughter’s wedding day?

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We’re in the heat of wedding season, which also comes at the hottest time of the year. The heat presents a number of potential problems for the mother of the bride – and everyone else at the wedding. So:

Pick a wedding dress that will help keep your skin cool

We previously discussed five tips for doing this – take a look to help you find a mother of the bride dress that’s perfect for summer.

Plan the wedding arrangement with the weather in mind

If you can arrange it so the wedding vows occur early in the evening, around 5-6pm, this will help you avoid the hottest period of the day while still leaving time for post-ceremony festivities. Provide guests with a hydration station – either iced water, fruit drinks such as lemonade, or even iced snacks like home-made popsicles. You can also provide them with sunscreen and fans to help them stay cool.

Also consider the furniture – angle it so guests are facing away from the sun, and consider including umbrellas or tents. If there are any exposed concrete surfaces at your wedding venue, spray them with water to help keep them cool.

Eat a solid, healthy meal before the wedding

Being the mother of the bride is hard work, even more-so when you have to face the midsummer heat. A lean protein meal like fish will help give you extended energy, and if you eat side dishes with plenty of water, like a bowl of fruit, this will help keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Consider your makeup

You don’t want your makeup to run, so take some basic preventive steps. Before applying makeup, cleanse any oil or dirt off your skin using an oil-free cleanser. Then apply a layer of moisturizer with sun protection built in. Pick a mineral foundation or primer before applying your make up, and use a waterproof mascara for your eyelashes.

Remember your flowers

Choose your bouquet with the summer heat in mind, and mist it to help keep it vibrant during the ceremony. Your florist should provide you with flower food to help keep the arrangement looking gorgeous.

There are plenty of ways you can enjoy a traditional mid-summer festival without end up with over-heated guests. Apply these tips to help keep your daughter’s wedding cool and comfortable.

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