How to pick and adapt a mother of the bride dress for any venue

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If you’re shopping around for a mother of the bride dress, or if you’ve already found the perfect one, have you considered how it would go with the setting of the wedding? You may have shopped specifically for summer dresses, but did you think about how the dress will work in a barn, church, beach or ballroom? Here are some tips for finding and adapting your dress for any place and season:

Picking the right dress

You may know what color and style of dress you want, based on the bride’s and bridesmaid’s dresses. But you still have room to choose fabrics, length, and accessories. Keep these options in mind while you think about the actual setting of the ceremony.

If you know the wedding will be outdoors, think about the terrain. Is it a cute barn wedding? A ceremony on the beach? Depending on the location, you may want to consider a dress that doesn’t drag on the ground, to avoid dirtying it or tripping. Dresses of lighter colors will also dirty more easily, especially if you’ll be outdoors for long periods of time. Consider your choice of shoes as well, and find a dress and shoe pairing that will allow you to comfortably walk wherever you need to.

If you anticipate heat, pick a dress with a breathable fabric like silk, cotton, or chiffon. If it may be windy – as beaches often are – find a design that won’t blow too much, as that will hinder you. If the wedding is indoors, you have many more options, but still consider the reception location.

Adapting for anything

If your daughter’s wedding is being held outside, you can’t be quite sure how the weather will cooperate. A tasteful hat that complements your dress can help block out the sun and keep you cool. Indoors or outdoors, the wedding venue could be hotter or colder than you expect. You can’t always anticipate weather, or air conditioning and heating. If you’re unsure what the venue may be like, consider a dress with short sleeves, and pair it with a shawl or scarf. If it gets chilly, you can pull a shawl or large scarf around you. If it gets too hot, drape it over your chair.

Though you want to look great on your daughter’s big day, you also want to be comfortable and ready for anything. Consider everything that could happen, and be prepared, so that you can fully enjoy the celebration.

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