Beyond the dress: choosing a style that works for you

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Beyond the traditional dress: choosing a style that works for you

While mother of the bride dresses are the classic look for women who want to look their best at their daughter’s wedding, more and more options are becoming commonplace as time goes on. Today, women who prefer pant suits or tea length dresses won’t have to worry about feeling out of place, and mixing and matching a broader selection of styles, colors and accessories leaves that much more wiggle room to help express your own unique style. If you are looking for alternatives to the tried and true mother of the bride dress, why not consider a few of these options?

Pant suits

Stylish, comfortable, and versatile, the right pant suit seems to have everything a mother of the bride would need. Different cuts, fabric options and colors play center stage, as the pant suit allows you to try out many different options. Though considered slightly less formal by some, the key is matching the energy of the occasion. Ask what sort of look the bride or guests are going for, and gauge your approach from there.


The tea-length dress lies somewhere in between a full-length evening gown and an above the knee mini skirt. Traditionally, this meant a dress that shows just a flash of ankle, but today the interpretation is more so left up to the wearer. The idea is preserving the formal quality of a full dress while adding just a bit of extra style with a slightly more modern look. Many brides today decide to go with this option on their own wedding day, setting the tone for other attendees to follow.

Maxi dresses

If you’re looking to go for an all-new style, maxi dresses are an option that many fashion-savvy women turn to. Maxi dresses are made for all occasions and can range from floor or ankle length, making them another versatile alternative to the traditional dress. Though maxi dresses often tend to be geared toward longer, leaner body types, many designers offer options that are better suited to a range of body types.

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