Tips for creating the perfect wedding day look for mothers

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It does not matter if you are the mother of the bride or the mother of the groom, you play a special role on the day of the wedding. As you walk down the aisle and during the reception announcements, all eyes will be on you. In addition, you also want to look fabulous in those all-important wedding pictures.

Choose an elegant dress

Elegant dresses make you feel beautiful, but are also comfortable. Mother of the bride dresses should coordinate with the formality of the wedding and wedding colors. Mother of the groom dresses are also important and should coordinate with everything as well.

You want a dress that not only goes with the overall style of the wedding, but also looks good on you as well. This means choosing a dress of the right fit and color. A tea length dress is fine for most weddings, but a long gown is more suitable for formal affairs.

Mother of the bride dresses should be chosen months in advance, typically as soon as the bride and bridesmaid dresses are chosen. This leaves plenty of time to shop for mother of the groom dresses, since the mother of the bride traditionally sets the trend for both.

The right shoes

The first decision is between heels or flats. If you do not wear heels often, then you may want to avoid them on this occasion. However, if you have time to practice before the big day, heels can elevate your level of elegance.

If you are already confident in heels, you should go for it. They will make you look slimmer and taller by elongating your legs. For additional support, you may want to choose heels with an ankle strap.

Should you decide to go with flats instead, be sure to choose the most elegant style possible. To create a classic look, choose slightly pointed flats to lengthen your legs. For a look with a modern edge, choose ballet-style pumps with a round toe. Jeweled embellishments can also add to the style as long as they go with the style of the occasion.

Once you have decided on heels or flats, you need to choose a color. You have three options from which to choose. You can match your dress exactly or choose a complementary color. You can also choose a neutral shade such as nude, beige or black. For a little extra glamour, gold and silver shoes may also be considered neutral as long as they complement your outfit.

Begin by consulting the couple to determine their vision for the occasion. Once you know the overall style, color palette and formality of the wedding, you will be able to go from there.

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