What to consider when shopping for a mother of the bride dress

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Unless you frequent charity balls, it is unlikely that you have the perfect dress for your daughter’s wedding just hanging in your closet. And you have probably not shopped for a dress of this caliber since your own wedding.

Mother of the bride dresses are special. You want to look fabulous in a dress that is most flattering, but you must adhere to the overall dress code and etiquette of the wedding.

No mother of the bride should have to wear a dress that she absolutely hates. However, there are a few things that you will need to consider as you prepare for the big day. By following just a few simple guidelines, you can be a fashionable mother of the bride that all the guests will admire.

Remember whose day it is

The bride sets the apparel guidelines and dictates the colors, necklines and hemlines with her own taste. In addition, your look should be toned down from glamorous to modest. This is the bride’s time to shine and competitive dressing is discourteous and inconsiderate.

Remember the mother of the groom

It is customary to communicate with the mother of the groom once you have chosen your mother of the bride dress. This will allow her to shop for mother of the groom dresses accordingly. You may even want to shop together to find your dresses. Both of you will bring your own flair to the wedding theme without outshining or clashing with one another.

Forget frumpy

Some people think that the mother of the bride dress should be shapeless and sad. There are many different ways that you can dress your age without looking frumpy and old. Embrace a neckline that is tastefully draped for a winter wedding or a hemline that flatters at knee length when the weather is warm.

Forget about bridesmaids

Unfortunately, some mothers are under the false impression that their mother of the bride dress options are limited to matching the bridesmaids. Instead, your ensemble needs to be distinguishable from all the other ladies of the wedding party. Yes, you should keep with the theme of the wedding, but you are not restricted to the specifics of the bridesmaid dresses.

The mother of the bride dress is an important purchase. The flair and style of the garment should reflect the beauty of the woman wearing it.

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