Staying classy in the cold as a mother of the bride

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Outdoor weddings are beautiful, nature-inspired events, but they come with a built-in volatility: the weather. The sunniest day on the sandiest beach can be hit by a sudden breeze, while a winter wedding in the snow gets less magical if you lose a finger to frostbite. There’s no need to suffer for your beauty as the mother of the bride; a few simple tips can keep you prepared to stay warm and comfortable without sacrificing your mother of the bride dress to the elements.

Use beaded cardigans and wraps for beauty in light breezes

Staying warm outside doesn’t always mean a winter coat – on sunny days a light breeze can leave you shivering for a few minutes before the sun warms you up again. A cashmere cardigan or silk wrap retains heat well in your arms and shoulders without being too heavy for warm weather. Choose a bright color to offset a dark dress, or opt for a shimmery metallic to add an upscale touch to a summer dress. Beading and embroidery can turn an ordinary cardigan or scarf into an evening-appropriate accessory, and the best part is that when it gets warm again, you can drape it easily over your arm and barely notice it’s there.

Trim makes winter-wear stylish

A fall or winter wedding takes advantage of nature’s beautiful changing colors, but it also carries a bigger risk of biting cold. If you’re at a wedding where the setting demands a coat, remember that outerwear doesn’t have to be purely utilitarian. A tailored wool coat can be just as stylish and elegant as the most upscale mother of the bride dresses; go for a light color like cream or powder blue instead of the usual gray or black to stay looking festive and celebratory. Interesting trim like leather, faux fur, embroidery or decorative buttons can all add oomph to your outerwear for an elegant, stylish and seasonally-appropriate look that protects you from the cold. Wool or leather gloves with faux fur trim or decorative stitching act as both a stylish accessory and protection against the elements.

Umbrellas can be accessories too

Swarms of black umbrellas are usually associated with funerals, but protecting yourself and your guests from the rain doesn’t have to be dreary. Decorative, functional umbrellas can be bought or rented in a variety of wedding-appropriate styles, from beautiful colors to delicate lace overlaid on clear waterproof backing. For a really beautiful and useful accessory, try searching antique shops for a vintage umbrella; as well as having beautiful canopies, vintage ladies’ umbrellas often have elaborately-carved handles that make for a stylish accessory even if you don’t need to protect yourself from the rain.

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