Top 4 mother of the bride faux pas

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The hardest thing about being a mother of the bride, or groom, is knowing how to gracefully play your part in the ceremony, without overstepping the limits of your role. The differences between a supportive parent and a helicopter mom can be subtle at times, but there is definitely a short list of ‘don’ts’ to keep in mind that will keep you relatively safe. Try to stick to the basics, and if you’re not sure how to help, your best bet is to ask.

A perfect complement

When choosing your mother of the bride dress, the first rule is to pick a style that pairs well with the bride and bridesmaids. While your look should be just as formal or casual as the rest of the event, it is important to stick with a palette of your own. Avoid blending in with the bridesmaids.

Out of the spotlight

As a mother of the bride or groom, don’t try to take center stage. Being present and supportive on your child’s big day is the way to go, but stealing the photographer, or drawing too much attention to yourself certainly won’t go over well with the bride and groom.

Stay out of the details

Unless, that is, you helped plan them. Some brides look to their mothers to help with all the bits and little decisions of the wedding, in which case your opinion will be very much appreciated. Otherwise, it is better to play a supporting role and ask how you can help. Often, the bride will be more than happy to hand over some of the responsibility, but it is never wise to assume.

Don’t be late!

It’s a simple rule, but many people would be surprised how often weddings get held up because key family members failed to show up on time. If it’s going to happen, don’t let it be you. As the mother of the bride, you will be thought of as one of the more important coordinators, so checking in on guests to make sure everyone is on time is a good role to fill.

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