Understanding body shape when choosing a flattering style

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When it comes to clothing, the term “one size fits all” rarely applies – maybe to scarves or hats, but certainly not to dresses. While the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom need to take care not to detract from the attention the happy couple will be getting, this special day will be remembered with photos and everyone will want to look their best.

Love the body you are in through flattering wedding attire

Those who are familiar with plus sized, extended sized and tailor fitted clothing know all too well what a hassle it can sometimes be to find something stylish that is also flattering. Women who are on the curvier side, especially post child rearing, should be encouraged to love the bodies they are in, and there is no better way to do that than to show off that beauty. There is no need to hide beneath baggy clothing in daily life (unless someone wants to of course) for perceived lack of trendy clothes to wear. The same applies to wedding attire.

Discovering your body shape: the five categories

When planning your mother of the groom or mother of the bride dress, you will want to pay attention to style itself, as much as how the style flatters your shape specifically. Women tend to fall into five shape categories (although everyone is different).

– Pear-shaped women have a smaller bosom and narrower shoulders with more ample hips.

– While the shoulder and hip line may be relatively equal in width, the curves of an apple shaped women tend to be focused on the top half of the body, often with a rounder tummy and fuller chest.

– Hourglass shaped women have hips and shoulders with roughly equal width, with a much narrower waist.

– Rectangle body type women have shoulders, waist and hips all in alignment with each other and body weight may be distributed evenly around the body if gained.

– Women with an inverted triangle shaped body have shoulders that are wider than both their waist and hips.

Once you have figured out your body type, you can inform your tailor and search for styles that complement and flatter your curves, wherever they may reside. May you feel beautiful and be joyful on this special day!

See this guide on body type for more information: http://www.styled247.com/body-shape/

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