4 essentials for Dress emergencies

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If you’re the mother of the bride, you’re invested in making sure everything goes perfectly for your daughter on her wedding day. There are caterers to handle the food and bartenders to keep the drinks flowing, but these four essentials will make you a sartorial superhero if there’s a sudden wardrobe emergency.

Sewing kit

You don’t have to be a master seamstress to make a needle and thread useful. Get a kit that comes with a few different colors of thread – some even come with pre-threaded needles for maximum efficiency. If something tears during the wedding, a few quick stitches in the right colored thread will keep a wedding dress or mother of the bride dress in one piece long enough for photos, and will stop tears from getting worse while you hunt down an expert. As a bonus, sewing kits also often come with safety pins and buttons so you can handle a fastening faux pas.

Fashion tape

Low cut, loose and flowing dresses can be hazards on windy days or during dancing, and you want to make sure that no one shows off more skin than they planned to. Fashion tape is a double-sided tape that sticks to both fabric and flesh without irritating skin, and it’s great insurance against wardrobe malfunctions. A little on the inside of a low-cut neckline safeguards against nip slips, while some fashion tape on your shoulder will stop unruly bra straps from slipping down your arms.

Hairspray and bobby pins

If the wedding is a formal affair, the bride, the bridesmaids and even the guests will have spent time on their hair. An elaborate updo can be thwarted by heat, humidity, rain or energetic dancing, and limp or unruly hair can ruin someone’s photo. There’s no substitute for a professional hairdresser, but a quick spritz of a light hairspray and a few bobby pins can revive a suffering hairdo with little effort.

Lint roller

If this is a wedding where the happy couple’s chihuahua is acting as the ring bearer then you’ll definitely need a lint roller to get rid of pet hair, but even an animal-free wedding can benefit from a lint roller. Use it to remove your own hairs that have got stuck to your shoulders or collar; use it to get dust off dark dresses and skirts; it can even save a dress from a light crumb emergency. Your daughter and your guests will appreciate being able to get any errant fluff off their clothes before they’re preserved forever in photos.

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