Dress or pantsuit? That is the question

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Brides have it easy. Their search for wedding clothes is usually narrowed down to a white dress. There is no endless search for the right colors, worry of outshining someone else with a nicer outfit, or the big question of whether they should wear a dress or pantsuit. That predicament is left to the mother and grandmother of the bride.

However picking out your outfit for the big day does not have to be a nightmare, and no, you will not turn into Momzilla or Grandmazilla. With these tips on pantsuits and dresses, you will be one of the most stylish ladies at the wedding in no time.

Both a pantsuit and a dress are fine options when attending a wedding. The pantsuit often has a more serious stigma attached to it. An example from pop culture in this regard is Hilary Clinton, who seems to always wear pantsuits. She is viewed as a motivated, driven, and serious lady. Therefore, if on the big day, you will be handling a lot of the affairs, a pantsuit can subconsciously help you assert power to get the job done. Strange but true.

However, there are many types of pantsuits, and they do not all scream ‘power’. There are many made specifically with flowy legs in a variety of colors and fabrics that make them more reminiscent of a dress, while still presenting the maturity of a pantsuit. This is always a good option.

Dresses are perhaps the more classic choice. There are so many varieties of mother of the bride dresses, grandmother of the bride dresses, and mother of the groom dresses to choose from. Between colors, fabrics, patterns, and style, each dress says something different. Generally speaking, though, when mom or grandma wear a dress, they are seen as elegant, feminine, and beautiful. The dress will speak to how people relate to you.

If you still cannot decide what to wear on the big day, compromise with the best of both world by wearing a ‘flowy’ pantsuit. This will command the room’s attention as a regular pantsuit would, but also portray your beauty as a dress would. It is a great solution to a common wedding-related issue that moms and grandmas around the world face.

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