Hats, hair and headdresses for mature women

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A good hairstyle is an exclamation point on a great outfit, so once you’ve chosen the perfect mother of the bride dress, spend some time thinking about your hair. The rules for how to make your hair work for you have much less to do with age than they do with being smart about your hair’s limitations, and thinking of it as part of a complete outfit.

Work with your hair, not against it

Every woman’s hair is slightly different, and you’ll only end up frustrated if you try to force your hair to do something it doesn’t want to do. If you have straight, fine hair, then don’t leave it loose, or it will look stringy and limp in photographs. Instead, use structured combs and foam rollers to give it a little volume in a sleek updo, with a spritz of hairspray to give it hold. Curly hair with lots of volume looks great in a looser updo: a low chignon at the base of your neck is elegant and easy, while a couple of curls left loose to frame your face looks youthful and fresh. There’s no rule stating that older women have to wear long hair tied back, but it’s a good idea to keep even loose hair a little styled, as it will hold up better in photographs and complement the style of your mother of the bride or mother of the groom dress.

If you dye, give yourself time

Your son or daughter’s wedding might be the excuse you’ve been waiting for to dye away those fresh grey hairs, but – especially if you’re newly grey – make sure you give yourself plenty of lead time between dyeing your hair and the wedding. Bright colors like red and blonde can look very brassy right out of the bottle, which is a dead giveaway that you’re trying to hide your natural hair. Allow yourself a week between the salon and the wedding, which is time for a few washes to mute the color a little and give it dimension without your roots starting to show.

When in doubt, accessorize

An elegant hairdo is stylish on its own, but your hair can also be a blank canvas to add a little more personality to your mother of the bride or mother of the groom dress. A colored or jewelled comb can offset the color of your dress, drawing the eye up to your face and really tying your outfit together. For a church or synagogue wedding, an understated hat in a single color is respectful and elegant; a hat can also protect your hair from wind and sun for an outdoor wedding. Have fun with your hairpieces, but don’t go too big: something understated is always more appealing than a giant, candy-colored confection.

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