Finding your own style in grandmother of the bride dresses

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Keeping up with the latest wedding fashion can be hard enough, but when the time comes to fit in at your granddaughter’s big day, finding the right look can feel overwhelming. The solution is about choosing a style that fits your own taste, but also blends well with the overall aesthetic of the event. Communication is key, and talking to the bride herself about her thoughts is always a safe strategy. However, it pays to go into the conversation with a strong idea of what you want, and so taking the time to brush up on some of the latest wedding tips can make things go a bit smoother. Consider a few of the following ideas and see if they meet your needs.

Flattering every figure

More often than not, looking great in your grandmother of the bride dress means finding an outfit that accentuates your strong points. A fuller skirt looks great on all body types, pleated fabric can be a good way to add support to the dress as well as keep you covered, and a built in corset can easily keep you looking trim.

Forget ‘age appropriate’

One secret to keep in mind when choosing grandmother of the bride dresses is that if you don’t worry about dressing ‘age appropriate’ no one else will! First and foremost, finding a dress or pantsuit that speaks to your individual style is best. Prim and proper, sexy and dramatic, or fun and effervescent—it is entirely up to you.

Form as well as function

Keep in mind that it’s not just about how you look but how you feel. If a dress is restrictive or uncomfortable, it is going to be difficult to enjoy the occasion. Similarly, thinking about the transition from day to night, season, and location are important. A versatile outfit like a matching jacket and wrap could be just the thing.


Most women fall into one of two categories: either they are confident and experienced accesorizers, or they aren’t. If you feel like you know what you’re doing in your day-to-day, don’t switch your style just for a big event. And if you feel less than confident in your accessory choices, your best bet is to keep it simple.

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