Three ways to involve the mother of the groom on the wedding day

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Little compares to the joy a mother feels on the day of her child’s wedding. The official ceremony is a big moment for both families, but we tend to focus on the bride and her mother on the big day. This can leave the mother of the groom feeling unsure how to help, and frankly, a little left out! Here are three ways she can be incorporated on the day of the ceremony.

1. Enlist her in the preparations

Tradition dictates that the bride’s preparations for the big day are handled by her bridesmaids and her mother. However, when that inevitable pseudo-emergency pops up, it really helps to have an extra set of hands on deck! Ceremony day tasks for the MOG could include grabbing lunch for the bride, handling bouquets, and making last-minute tweaks to centerpieces and other décor. Also on the list is ensuring that the groom and his side of the party are squared away – pinning on boutonnieres, straightening ties, flattening stray hairs – make no mistake, providing this peace of mind is a favor for the bride!

2. Include her in the receiving line

This is traditional, but is sometimes neglected in more modern ceremonies. Presenting bride, groom, and both sets of parents is a nice way to show the party as a cohesive family. Especially if the bride and her mom have done most of the planning, the groom’s mother will feel special knowing that the couple want her by their side in front of friends and loved ones.

3. Plan a short mother/son dance

Choosing a song together is a special experience between mom and groom. The mother/son dance typically occurs before the father/daughter dance and can be choreographed or impromptu. Just be sure to work with your DJ [link to:] on song choice and any decisions to shorten the song. Nothing is more awkward than a dance that just won’t stop!

The groom’s mother’s involvement in the wedding doesn’t have to end at buying a mother of the groom dress and helping out at the rehearsal dinner! She is likely willing – and eager – to be involved in the ceremony day. Remember, her baby is pledging his life to his soul mate, too, so be sure to include her in the celebration as much as possible.



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