For the Mother of the Groom: What present to get your future daughter in law?

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Although there are etiquette guides on what the groom’s parents should pay for, there is usually a broader spectrum on what gifts to give the son and his bride. Many couples choose to get a wedding registry with a list of items that they prefer as wedding presents, but perhaps you are looking for something more special.

Your Mother- and- Daughter- In- Laws- To- Be Relationship

Take a step back and think about the type of relationship you have with your son’s fiancé. How close are you to her? How actively involved are you in the wedding preparations? What sort of deep or personal secrets, thoughts or emotions would you share with her and vice versa? This should be your main basis when selecting a gift for the bride, your future daughter- in- law.

Here are some suggestions:

Family heirloom
A family heirloom is a great, and very personal gift, to give the new member of the family and celebrate the beginning of a union. While jewelries are the most common type of heirloom, it can also be other items that have been passed down from generation to generation in the family such as clothing, other accessories, shoes, a purse, vintage items, even furniture. You can even start a new family tradition by picking out a piece of jewelry or other personal items from your own collection and giving it to the bride. You can tell her to pass it on to her future daughter or daughter in law as well.

Personalized items
If you don’t have a family heirloom or you feel it is not appropriate, you can still give a personal gift to your daughter in law. Many brands now allow you to hot stamp names or initials on their products such as purses or shoes. Kate Spade, for example, will let you do this when you order online. Higher- end designer brands such as Louis Vuitton and Jimmy Choo also offers this to their clients. If these brands are a tad to pricey, check out sellers on Etsy or even your local bag and shoe repair shop. Surely, the new bride will be very excited to see her new initials on something she can use everyday. You can also consider engraving her new initials, or even a short message, on a pendant or a bracelet. Most jewelry stores will do this for you for free or at a minimal fee.

Something blue
Many brides are still very traditional and looking to wear that “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” on their big day. Perhaps one of the most challenging of these four is that something blue! Give the bride something small in the color of blue that she can wear on her big day. It can be something intimate that she can wear under her dress, a headpiece, jewelry, perhaps even her bridal shoes.

Gift certificate
If you feel that you do not know your new daughter in law enough to give a very personal gift, consider getting her a gift certificate. This will allow her to have options on what to get herself. You can get gift certificates for clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc. A spa gift certificate is also a great idea, and one any stressed bride will appreciate. You can also get Visa or MasterCard prepaid credit cards that they can use just about anywhere.

Think futuristically
Consider giving the bride (or even the couple) a gift that they can open on a specific date in the future, like their first anniversary or when they have their first child. It can be a bottle of wine, something symbolic, like infant clothes, or something celebratory, like accommodations or gift certificates for a second honeymoon.

If you are giving the present to the couple, money is an appropriate gift from the groom’s parents. This can be very helpful for newlyweds – they can use this for their honeymoon or for a new house. Decide on the amount you want to give and place the cash or check in a nice envelope.

This is something you can include regardless of what gift you decide to get. Tell her that she is welcome to the family, and the things that she does that you appreciate. There is no price to your sincere words, and this is surely something she will treasure.

Whatever present you choose, remember to keep it classy. Good taste and thoughtfulness are always a win.

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