Grandma’s Gift to the Bride

Is your granddaughter getting married? This must be a very busy – yet exciting – time for you and everyone in your family! If you already have a dress to wear at the wedding, the next item on your agenda is the wedding present. What Present Should Grandma Give? Some grandmothers are not sure of […]

Preparing for Your Grandchild’s Wedding

Your granddaughter (or grandson) is finally getting married! This is truly and exciting time for you, especially if it is the first of your grandchildren to walk down the aisle. However, it can also be nerve- wracking, and that is understandable. How You Can Prepare This is certainly completely different when it was your son […]

Wedding Etiquette for a Grandmother

While the grandmother is typically not expected to actively participate in the wedding planning, she plays an important role as one of the oldest female relatives. In turn, the grandmother is expected to show proper etiquette at the wedding. Your grandchild is getting married! Do you feel as excited as when it was your son […]

The Role of the Grandmother of the Bride

Imagining your granddaughter walking down the aisle may very well be as exciting as when it was your daughter who got married. But now you’re not the mother of the bride, you’re the grandmother. And you may very well be wondering what your role will be on your precious grandchild’s big day. The Grandparents’ Role […]

The Role of the Stepmother of the Bride

The question about the stepmother’s role in the wedding has always been a gray area. There is no manual on this, and even with the advent of the world wide web, you won’t find any definitive etiquette guide for the stepmother of the bride or groom. Questions about the role of the stepmother of the […]