Hair and Make Up Tips for the Mother of the Bride (and Groom)

You have probably been dreaming of your son or daughter getting married since the day you breathed life to them. And while the bride and the groom are the most important people on that day, the parents – who brought them into this world – should not forget about themselves. How Important Is Makeup? Once […]

Wedding Gift Do’s and Don’ts

While weddings are one of the happiest celebrations, finding a gift for the new couple is not — especially if its your son or daughter who’s getting married! Wedding gift etiquette can get even more challenging¬†if its a destination wedding, only a wedding ceremony or only a reception, or if the couple has stated that […]

Mother of the Bride Do’s and Don’ts

The days leading up to your daughter or son’s wedding can be very exciting – and stressful. ¬†The peak of the business can often bring out emotions that lead to misunderstandings. Excitement, stress and emotions = Wedding Surely, your daughter’s wedding day will be one of your proudest. You are probably almost as giddy and […]

How To Handle A Difficult Daughter In Law

We cannot choose family. This is true – even with in laws! This is not a special case either – many mother- and daughter- in law pairs don’t seem to see eye to eye. And while much has been said about the difficult mother in law, there isn’t a lot of tips on how to […]

Mother and Daughter In Law Relationship Do’s and Dont’s

It is not uncommon for mothers and their daughters in law to have combative relationships. This wobbly relationship is brought about by power struggle, control and jealousy about the husband / son. Life Changing This marriage between the son and his wife if a big change – both for the other and her new daughter […]