Designer Wedding Dresses for Mother of the Bride

Designer Wedding Dresses for Mother of the Bride

Designer wedding dresses for mother of the bride or groom (even couture) can clearly make a splash!

If you’ve always wanted to wear a designer label, there’s no better time than for your daughter’s wedding. It’s the one occasion that you need to look
elegant and feel confident in your look. Although couture isn’t necessary, keep in mind that dozens of photos are going to be taken, so this is one occasion where a little extravagance can pay off.

The great news is that designer evening dresses and gowns & can be more affordable than you think – especially if your timetable allows you to wait and go sale shopping for discount fashion.

Shopping for Designer Wedding Dresses

Wedding outfits for mothers and designer evening dresses are probably best purchased in shops, rather than online. You’ll want to see the cut and fit, as well as the look and feel of the fabric, all very personal hands-on choices.

Whilst some smaller towns may have boutiques with designer wear, you may want to consider venturing further afield to your nearest city, where there may be a larger boutique selling a range of designer labels for special occasions.

Look for collections from designers such as Cameron Blake, Condici, J Kara, John Charles, Linea Raffaeli, Ian Stuart, Mon Cheri & Paule Vasseur to find stores near you that stock gowns, designer wedding dresses and outfits for the well dressed woman.

Wedding Outfits for Mothers

If you’re looking for a dress or two piece outfit, you may not need to find something that’s exclusively created for the mother of the bride or groom.

Instead, choosing something elegant and suitably modest in the right colors and fabrics, can allow you to wear it again, perhaps on a cruise or special dinner dance.

A special occasion suit, styled on a more formal version of the church suit, may also fit the bill.

Petite women should look out for brand names like Darius Cordell and Ann Balon.  For plus size wedding dresses, names such as Joanna Hope and Katrina Marie are worth looking out for.

At the top end of the market couture designes with names such as Daymor & Anton Laurence, may create a custom made, individually fitted garment especially tailored for you.

This is the one time you can splash out on a fabulous formal outfit for yourself. And the good news is that designer wedding dresses and other wedding outfits for mothers do not have to break the bank. Have fun and enjoy wearing something wonderful!


  1. Barbara Jones says:

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a good place to buy designer wedding dresses? The stores near my town are outrageously expensive so I’m looking for an alternative. Thanks for the help.

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