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Looking for 1 or 2 perfect evening dresses that will make you feel like a celebrity on the red carpet?Elegant long evening wear

The right style of formal evening gowns will make you feel special and confident for any special

It’s easy to add a little glamour by wearing stylish, elegant evening drees in fabulous fabrics that flatter your figure. This is the red carpet look, that you can re-create with some of the stunning celebrity style evening dresses  straight from the Oscars.

Ideas for Evening Dresses for Weddings

For guests as well as the mother of the bride and groom, finding the right style of evening gown that flatters your figure and looks elegant may be a challenge.  The right fabric can add a touch of glamour to your evening gowns

Many women haven’t bought or worn this style of dress for several years, so may feel less than confident in choosing and wearing any evening dresses. But that will change..right now!

Start by browsing some of the latest pictures from the Oscars or the catwalks to get an idea of the latest styles and colors.  Check out what’s hot with the designers online at Vogue, or pick up their latest magazine.

After looking around,  you’ll probably get some ideas as to length, style, fabric and colors of evening gowns that you feel might work for you and your figure.

Now it’s time to go shopping, plan to try on at least a dozen gowns before even considering making a
purchase.  This is one time where spending more money will often get you a better cut garment made of a higher quality fabric – all of which will go to flatter and hug your figure.

If you’re someone who loves wearing a “little black dress” here’s a great video about how to make the most of
what you’ve got:-

Even if you see an evening dress that you feel is perfect, ask the shop assistant to put it by and continue trying on other styles and shades.

If possible, buy the matching wedding shoes or sandals at the same time, so that you’ve bought the two main items of your outfit at once.

Finally, when you’ve found that one evening dress that you feel absolutely gorgeous in, it’s time to make your purchase and head home triumphant! That’s right – triumphant in the sense that at long last, you’ve found exactly what you’re looking for.

Latest Designer Styles for Evening Gowns

Simple black dress and scarf for mother of the bride

If you’re looking for something that’s straight off the catwalks – check out the collections of Adrianna Papell, Frank Usher and Sarah Danielle.

Each with their own unique signature, offers a range of elegant and stunning evening dresses in colors and designs to flatter every figure.

Adriannas collection includes a really glamorous look, with one or two daring backless designs.  Sarah Danielles collection has a wide choice of styles and shades – everything from a two piece tailored suit to elegant full length evening gowns.

Frank Usher offers a range of stylish signature dresses suitable for everyday and evening wear, as well as “Quintesse” designs for the fuller figure and “Coterie”, his range of stunning wedding hats and headwear.

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