Mother of the Groom Hairstyles & Makeup

Your son’s wedding day is a special occasion, so it’s very important that you feel you’re looking your best. That includes your mother of the groom hairstyles, attire, and wedding accessories.

Your entire look for the wedding day will comprise the perfect outfit, which you’ve spent some time looking for and buying in the months leading up to the wedding date.

The final touches will be made in the week leading up to the day, with a haircut or trim, to tidy everything up.

Some moms like to pamper themselves a little, helping to de-stress, as well as prepare for your son’s big day. Hence booking yourself for a manicure or pedicure, perhaps a facial, can help you to feel radiant and glowing, ready to proudly support the groom and look fabulous in all the wedding photos.

Tips for Mother of the Groom Hairstyles

How you choose to style your hair will depend very much on whether you’re intending to wear a hat, fascinator, or neither.Having your hair styled can help keep it in place during the long hours of your son's wedding day

If you are, it may be helpful to visit the hairstylist at least a fortnight before the wedding to discuss styles and rehearse your look.  If nothing else this can help to reassure you and ease any butterflies or nerves that may try and work their way in.  Even women who don’t normally visit a professional hair salon may wish to seriously consider this for this one special occasion.



Your stylist should have the experience to know what varieties of mother of the groom hairstyles will work well and wear well throughout the day. They’ll also have a range of products that can help keep your hair in place, however windy the weather.  Also, if you’re planning to do any dancing at the reception, it’s helpful to ensure that your style doesn’t fall out as you boogie down on the dance floor.

A timeless look for the mother of the groom seems to be a few soft curls, which can look pretty for the photo albums, but help to make you look younger and soften your face too.

Moms with a short hairstyle may wish to add some softening fronds around the face or neSoft long curls are the informal hairstyle for one mother of the brideckline, to create a more feminine look.

Whatever look you choose, it’s important that you’re happy with it and feel that it’s “you”, so that you’ll have the confidence about how you look that’ll help carry you through the day. So be patient, and look at as many pictures or photos of mother of the groom hairstyles as you can before you make your final decision. Good luck!


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