Plus Size Special Occasion Dresses for Mother of the Groom

Trust me, there are tons of fabulous plus size special occasion dresses for mother of the groom available. Yes it’s true – curvier moms can have just as much fun outfit shopping, if they know what to look for.

With so many stores offering special occasion and formal wear especially designed for the fuller
figure, it’s easier than ever to find something that will look fabulous and flatter your curves.

Plus Size Shopping in Store

If, like many women, you’re unsure what looks best on your figure, one of the best tips for any shopping trip is
to take along a friend. They may encourage you to try on new styles and colors that may look
great on you, as well as providing an honest opinion on each outfit or dress.

dresses for mother of the groom that can flatter the fuller figure include:-

  • full length evening dresses with short jackets
  • “Flippy” skirts with waisted jackets
  • wrap dresses
  • smart wide leg trousers with a jacket
  • mid calf length full skirt with jacket
  • dresses with a v-neck or low cut neckline, to show off your cleavage and hug your curves

Colors that you can always get away with are purple or turquoise – every woman can wear these and look
great.  When you’re standing in the mirror, always ask just one simple question, “what do I see?”.  If
it’s you, the color is right, if it’s the dress, then choose another color, you don’t want the dress to get more
attention than you do!

Team all of the above with sandals or heeled shoes – this adds immensely to your feminine look and every woman
knows that killer heels can make you feel sexy (even if your feet are killing you at the end of the day!)

Buying Plus Size Online

Two golden rules – first, check the stores return policy to see how much it will cost you to return an
item that doesn’t fit.  Second, order in plenty of time to allow for returns and size differences between

If possible, try and order with stores that you’ve bought from before, this way you’ll have some kind of
confidence in the quality and fit that they offer.

Useful Resources

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colors to wear for that special event or occasion


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