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Choosing amongst the plethora of wedding hairstyles available can be daunting, but styling your hair for a wedding day is a one-off occasion that you’ll want to get right.

Creating the right wedding hair style (bride’s hair as well as mother of the bride hair styles) will take some preparation and probably include a visit to your hair stylist
for some professional assistance.

Members of the bridal party are likely to be wearing formal wedding hairstyles such as an updo or half updo style.

Although the bridesmaids and matron of honor often have a very different style to their normal look, for guests and other members of the bridal party, this is probably not the time to make big changes to your hair
style.  Simple up do style for a member of the bridal party

For flower girls there’s some pretty updo styles you can create if they have long hair, or a little wave or curl to add if their hair is short.

Feeling confident and happy is important.  If you do opt for tweaking your current image, make sure that you have a clear idea of what you want and go to your regular hairstylist who knows your hair and is used to styling it. Bridesmaid with pretty updo hair style

If possible, take pictures that you’ve cut out from wedding or women’s magazines to show what sort of wedding hair look
and effect you want to create.

One really lovely idea is for the bride and bridesmaids to go to the same hair salon on the morning of the wedding to
have their hair styled – this can be fun as well as ensuring that your looks work well together.  Just ask whether your hair stylist is OK to work for wedding parties.

A classic look is to have small flowers woven or placed in the hair, and this is certainly a romantic look that will look great in your wedding photo album.

Mother of the Bride Hair Styles

Although obviously not as critical as it is for the bride, it’s still important for the mother of the bride to carefully weight all her options for wedding hairstyles. The mother of the bride or groom will tend to have well groomed, often shorter hair, which may be easier to
style.short hair worn by an older woman for a wedding

Once you’ve chosen your dress or wedding outfit, you are in a position to put the whole outfit together.
This will include shoes or sandals, necklace and earrings, as well as the final touch – mother of the bride hair styles.

Traditional wedding hairstyles are softer and more feminine that hairdos for everyday wear.

For longer hair, an appropriate wedding hair style may be a half updo – a more formal style with the hair swept up, leaving a few fronds around the face.

However, as long as it will stay in place, wearing long hair down around your shoulders is a fabulous look too.  Creating a few sculpted curls can create a softer, more feminine, look.

Wearing a hat usually requires that mother of the bride hair styles have extra product or accessories to hold them in place and help them
bounce back when you remove your hat at the reception.

This can also help if it’s likely to be a windy day and you don’t want to have to run into the powder room every
15 minutes to check how you look.

Whatever you choose, have a practice run a fortnight or so before the actual wedding day, to check that you’re
happy with your wedding hair style and haven’t forgotten anything. After all, this is a special event that will be captured in photographs for future generations to see, so it makes sense to go the extra mile.

And most important of all, have a great day!

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