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For the Mother of the Groom: What present to get your future daughter in law?

Although there are etiquette guides on what the groom’s parents should pay for, there is usually a broader spectrum on what gifts to give the son and his bride. Many couples choose to get a wedding registry with a list of items that they prefer as wedding presents, but perhaps you are looking for something […]

Three ways to involve the mother of the groom on the wedding day

Little compares to the joy a mother feels on the day of her child’s wedding. The official ceremony is a big moment for both families, but we tend to focus on the bride and her mother on the big day. This can leave the mother of the groom feeling unsure how to help, and frankly, […]

The stylish momma

Hours will be spent pouring over magazine pictures of beautiful gowns for the bride-to-be, appointments will be made at all the fancy boutiques for bridal gown showings, and custom fittings will be done with a seamstress as the big event draws near. But what about mom? It’s a mother’s prerogative to be consumed by anything […]

How to find the perfect mother of the groom dress?

Often times we hear and see so much about mother of the bride dresses. While weddings are usually considered the “bride’s day” we can’t leave the groom or his mother in the background! Here are a few simple pointers that will make dress shopping easier for the mother of the groom. 1.It is all about […]

5 qualities to look for in a grandmother of the bride dress

No day is more special to a grandmother than the day her granddaughter gets married. You want to make sure you look your best for this special occasion. So how should you choose what you’re going to wear? Here are five qualities to look for in a grandmother of the bride dress: 1. Does it […]

How to find the perfect mother of the bride dress

We can’t discount just how important weddings are for the mother of the bride; some moms cherish this day just as much as they did their own marriage ceremony. Therefore, it’s essential to find a collection of the perfect mother of the bride dresses from which to choose. The underlying question is, where do you […]

How to choose a dress for an outdoor wedding

Outdoor weddings are beautiful occasions. The scenery is romantic, and the event is sure to be unforgettable. But choosing an outfit for an outdoor wedding might be trickier than choosing one for an indoor wedding. When choosing mother of the bride dresses or mother of the groom dresses, be sure to consider the following factors: […]

Finding your own style in grandmother of the bride dresses

Keeping up with the latest wedding fashion can be hard enough, but when the time comes to fit in at your granddaughter’s big day, finding the right look can feel overwhelming. The solution is about choosing a style that fits your own taste, but also blends well with the overall aesthetic of the event. Communication […]

Dress or pantsuit? That is the question

Brides have it easy. Their search for wedding clothes is usually narrowed down to a white dress. There is no endless search for the right colors, worry of outshining someone else with a nicer outfit, or the big question of whether they should wear a dress or pantsuit. That predicament is left to the mother […]

3 common beauty and style mistakes made by bride and groom mothers

It’s the big day, and you want it to be perfect for the bride and groom, right down to the smallest detail. That means paying close attention to your own beauty and style heading into the big day, and staying mindful of just what your role entails — to support the bride and groom, and […]