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Once you’ve received an invitation to a wedding, it’s time to start thinking about wedding gifts. Read on for some excellent wedding gift ideas!

It’s traditional to take a gift to wedding, though etiquette and practice varies as to how they’re received on the wedding day itself.

Giving Wedding Gifts

What is the etiquette on giving wedding gifts? Who is expected to give a gift and who is not?   As well as invited guests bringing a gift, it’s traditional for members of the wedding party to receive well-chosen gifts too.   Some wedding traditions dictate that the groom give a gift to the bridesmaids, flower girls and maid of honor, as well as, more importantly, his wife.   The bride often buys a special present for the groom, often something fun, simple or practical.   It’s increasingly common for the bride to buy a thank you gift for her mom if she’s been particularly involved in the wedding planning activitiesIdeas and etiquette for gifts from guests, or a mother and father for the bride and groom

Wedding Gifts from the Groom to the Bride

Your gift for your bride to be should have an air of the romantic and not be particularly practical, in fact, the more impractical, the better!   You do not have to focus on wedding gift ideas that are expensive – she may well appreciate the thought that you put in to creating or finding the right present, rather than how much money you spent on it. Try and buy something that shows that you understand her – perhaps something with a favorite verse or flower on it, or something in a shop window that she’s fallen in love with. Most of all, aim for something that will have sentimental value to her, so that she can keep and cherish it.   The simplest gift will be to buy and engrave an item, usually jewelry.  Something like a locket or similar silver keepsake, personalized with a verse or few words from you, would be the perfect gift for many women.   Other romantic gift ideas include a one-off piece of china or statuettes, jewellery box, embroidered gifts that you create and personalize.

Wedding Gift Ideas for the Mother of the Bride

For the mother of the bride, you’ll want to get her a gift that she can treasure over the years, that will be a real keepsake for the future.   Simple, inexpensive, mother of the bride gifts include embroidered handkerchiefs and pillows, a bouquet of flowers or engraved jewelery.   Another wedding gift idea that she’ll love and enjoy would also be a photo album, where she can add photos taken on your wedding day, and continue to add to it when you celebrate birthdays, Christmas and other holidays together.

Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids & Flower Girl

It’s tradition to buy small presents for all the girls and ladies who form part of the bridal party.  When the groom gives his wedding speech, he is likely to give a formal thank you to the bridesmaids.   Your gift is more a token of appreciation than anything extravagant.  A popular idea is to buy an item of jewelry that she can wear on your wedding day – a necklace, bracelet or perhaps some earrings.   Of course, if you have chosen to pay for the bridesmaids’ dresses, then a simple thank you card will probably suffice, as she will enjoy being able to keep the dress to wear at a later date.

Wedding Gift Ideas for Him – the Groom, Best Man and Ushers

The best man plays a key role on your wedding day, so it’s important to buy him a present that is personal and lets him know how much his help has been appreciated.   Traditional wedding gift ideas include cufflinks, engraved tankards and items in pewter or silver. Other options for wedding gifts might include a fancy pen, framed picture, or even a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant.

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