Grandma’s Gift to the Bride

Is your granddaughter getting married? This must be a very busy – yet exciting – time for you and everyone in your family! If you already have a dress to wear at the wedding, the next item on your agenda is the wedding present. What Present Should Grandma Give? Some grandmothers are not sure of […]

3 Easy DIY Wedding Projects to Trim Your Wedding Budget

It goes without saying that the average cost of a wedding in this day and age is through the roof.  As such, for many people it’s important – if not downright necessary – to trim some of these costs wherever possible.  And one easy way to trim costs is to do some of the wedding […]

Beware of These 5 Hidden Wedding Costs

As I’ve mentioned many times before, the average cost of a wedding continues to rise.  As if the skyrocketing costs aren’t bad enough, if you’re soon-to-be-married you now have to deal with a plethora of hidden costs as well.  I’m not saying these are fabricated costs derived by the modern day equivalent of a snake […]

What is the Average Cost of a Wedding?

I just read a story from USA Today that focuses on the average cost of a wedding these days.  Surprise: the overall price tag of a wedding has gone down approximately $1,100 since 2008, but it still costs a whopping $26,989 on average (NOT including the honeymoon). Where are the biggest opportunities to save coin?  […]

3 Tips for Wedding Shoes on a Budget

Getting married, at least if you plan on having a traditional wedding and reception, is getting more and more expensive every year.  In fact since I started this blog in 2009, wedding costs have gone up by an average of 10-30%, depending on the specific item and geographical location.  Obviously this is not good news […]

4 Ways to Find a Wedding Dress for Less than $500

Although any bride would love to look like a million dollars on her wedding day, the reality is that there are financial tradeoffs to be made.  In this economy, many brides-to-be are finding themselves forced to cut corners on their wedding budget.  That said, all is not lost, and in fact it is possible to […]

Money Saving DIY Wedding Tips

In this economy, saving money is paramount, and one of the best ways to save money on projects is to DIY – or, do-it-yourself.  As such, for today’s post I thought it would be helpful to share a terrific video that discusses numerous tips to save money on your wedding by going the DIY route.  […]

Wedding Invitations on a Budget

When I got married many moons ago, one of my least favorite things to handle was sending out the wedding invitations.  And I know that I am not the only woman out there with such a disdain for this, as years later when I was mother of the bride my daughters expressed similar angst.  In […]

How to Have a Nice Wedding on a Budget

There are 2 things that most women want: having a nice wedding and saving money.  So it makes sense that most women want the nicest wedding possible, at the lowest possible cost.  Whether you’re the bride, groom, mother of the bride or even grandmother of the bride, this same “golden rule” is likely to apply.  […]