Classic wedding flowers and the meanings behind them

Few things are as fabulous as flowers, and a wedding is a wonderful reason to buy bunches and bunches of them. Flower arrangements, bouttoneires and a bridal bouquet add fragrant ambiance to any wedding venue, whether you get hitched in an ornate church or barefoot on the beach. Flowers and herbs have been a part […]

Wedding Favors at the wedding reception

Traditionally given at the wedding reception, wedding favors thank guests for sharing the bride and groom’s special day. These small gifts don’t have to cost a lot and can range from edible favors and handmade items to commemorative favors imprinted with the happy couple’s names and the wedding date. Popular edible favors include brownies, candy, […]

4 Factors to Consider for Choosing Your Wedding Bouquet

With all the hoopla surrounding the wedding planning process, it can be easy to overlook the small details that can make the difference between good and great.  One such detail is the bride’s wedding bouquet.  This may seem like a relatively minor detail compared to more important things like the venue, dress, wedding cake, etc.  […]

4 Creative Wedding Lighting Ideas to Make Any Outdoor Wedding Shine

If you’re getting ready to plan your wedding and you’re looking for a unique and creative venue, why not consider an outdoor wedding?  Outdoor weddings are (weather permitting) peaceful, romantic and eloquent, especially if you’ve selected the proper lighting.  It’s true, the proper lighting can either make or break your wedding’s overall aesthetic beauty, so […]

The 3 Worst Types of Wedding Flowers Ever

Whether you’re the bride, maid of honor, mother of the bride or (ahem…) the groom, planning a wedding is no walk in the park.  There are many things to consider, some of which are more important than others.  For example, booking the church and/or the wedding venue is obviously more important than choosing your floral […]

5 Tips for Planning the Bar at the Wedding Reception

Like any party, the entertainment, food and cocktails can either make or break your wedding reception.  In the past I’ve written about the art of having good entertainment and wedding food, so for today’s post I’ll be tackling the booze.  Specifically, I’ve got 5 tips for making sure you have the best bar possible at […]

How to Choose Your Wedding Colors

Color is a critical component of the overall ambiance of any wedding.  Of course it is important for the chosen colors to mirror current societal or cultural trends, but that’s not enough.  The wedding colors you choose for the décor can either help or hinder the mood, theme and emotional feel of your wedding.  Although […]

3 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Reception Menu

Some brides seem to have a bit of trouble selecting the menu for their wedding reception.  Although on the surface this might seem relatively easy, it’s easy to get bogged down in the minutia.  And if that happens, then your relatively easy task of choosing the menu might suddenly seem a whole lot tougher.  What […]

The Craft Beer Wedding Trend

There is a new wedding trend currently making the rounds – the craft beer wedding reception.  Apparently there are a lot of beer lovers out there, and the trend of serving high end craft or micro brews at the wedding reception is growing rapidly. The biggest reason for this trend is the fact that craft […]

The Evolution of Wedding Food

Wedding food has traditionally endured a poor reputation, trumped only by the less-than-desirable perception of airline food!  But things are beginning to change in this regard.  The wedding tradition of having a salad followed by a chicken/beef/fish dinner is going the way of the typewriter.  Yes some couples still want the old school traditional wedding […]