Special Occasion Dresses & Outfits

Stylish elegant formal dress with gentleman wearing suitChoosing special occasion dresses that are appropriate for you is SO important.

Whether it’s a party, birthday, wedding or other occasion, special dresses can make you feel confident and attractive and makes an immense
difference to how you enjoy and experience any event.

Shopping for special occasion dresses can be an enjoyable experience, as finding the right style and color will help you
feel like a beautiful, elegant woman.

Style Choices for Special Occasion Dresses

Your first decision will be to choose between wearing a formal dress and a jacket and skirt.

If you’re not comfortable in formal wear, you’ll want to try on a few styles to see which you feel looks best –
you may be surprised by the outcome!

If you’re used to wearing poorly cut suits in cheaper fabrics, you may discover that trying on that
once-in-a-lifetime designer outfit will feel a million times better than you ever imagined. 

With the right outfit, you’ll feel like a celebrity walking down the red carpet.

Here’s what one family chose to wear for a 21st birthday:-

How Dress Color & Style Can Help You Look & Feel Fabulous

So, what sort of clothing are you going to choose?

Whether you would like to treat yourself to some designer clothes or are needing to stick to a tight
budget, and will be looking for a clearance party dress, you can still look fabulous and feel great.

A simple black and white patterned dress can easily look elegantStart by looking at the special dresses and smart outfits that you already have in order to see what sort of
styles, designs and colors they are.  Is there a theme or a thread, something that will help you choose
something off the rack when you are out shopping?

Perhaps you always pick shades of pink and purple, or orange and moss green – if these colors help to flatter
your skin tone, then these would be good shades to look for when shopping for special dresses.

Do you have curves and need to control them, or haven’t much shape and need to create and give the illusion of
bust, waist and hips?  See what styles you currently wear that work – do you prefer fitted tailored jackets or
simple boleros? 

Do you wear A-line special dresses or empire line?  One will flatter your figure and hide shapely bottoms, the
other looks great on petite or slim women.

Pregnant women may find something appropriate in maternity wear, or a formal top teamed with
comfortable pants or trousers may work well.   Many stores now offer some stunning formal
wear options for the expectant mom.

For the fuller figure, many stores offer plus size wedding dresses that are really flattering. 

Recommended Resources for Special Dresses

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