Mother of the Bride vs Mother of the Groom: How Their Roles Differ

One of the biggest challenges mothers today face — other than finding that perfect dress and matching shoes for their children’s big day — is the changing times. Wedding trends vary and change year after year — and along with that the etiquette surrounding weddings, and people’s roles also change. Many moms are caught between […]

Bridal Shower Tips for the Mother of the Groom 

Wedding preparations are always exciting and the bridal shower is one of the biggest highlights of the weeks leading up to the big day. Your role in this event or party will be your first as official mother of the groom. Your role may be as simple as being present or giving a gift, or […]

For the Mother of the Groom: What present to get your future daughter in law?

Although there are etiquette guides on what the groom’s parents should pay for, there is usually a broader spectrum on what gifts to give the son and his bride. Many couples choose to get a wedding registry with a list of items that they prefer as wedding presents, but perhaps you are looking for something […]

Will you give a speech?

Whether it involves toasts, roasts or just a general welcome, everyone knows a wedding reception means speeches. Traditionally, the best man, maid of honor, and the father of the bride are expected to speak, but what about the mother of the bride? What about the parents of the groom? It’s becoming increasingly common to break […]

5 traditional mother of the bride duties to keep in mind

Even if your family isn’t big on adhering to tradition, many of the traditions around the mother of the bride play simple, practical roles in making everything go off without a hitch. So to give you an insight into what’s expected from a proactive, mindful mother of the bride, we’ve compiled this list of five […]

Wedding traditions with superstitious origins for good luck

You may not be superstitious yourself, but did you know many wedding traditions have their origins in superstition? It’s no wonder – the significance of this big day is, of course, huge, and anyone would want to wish good luck on the happy couple to be. Here are some wedding traditions and superstitions from different […]

Traditional dress and etiquette for the mother of the groom

Traditionally, the mother of the groom and the mother of the bride have different roles, and thus different claims on dress for the big day. Though all families are different in their methods and preferences, it doesn’t hurt to stick to traditional etiquette with the intention of joining the two families together in a mutually […]

Managing stress as a mother of the bride

While the spotlight is on the bride in the minutes, hours, and days leading up to a wedding, it’s easy to forget that she’s not the only one with a mile-long to-do list and a matching mountain of stress. Sending out invites, securing a venue, sorting through catalogs of mother of the bride dresses the […]

Playing your role as the mother of the bride

It can definitely be a challenge to make your daughter’s wedding the best it can be, and it’s up to you as the mother of the bride to carry much of that responsibility yourself. While a lot of the planning details will be left up to the bride, she will be looking to someone with […]

Wedding tips and traditions to honor the mother of the groom

For brides, it can be easy to get lost in wedding plans and forget to include the mother of the groom. Though she isn’t sending a daughter down the aisle, mothers of the groom can be incredibly helpful in organizing the rehearsal dinner, sharing costs and assisting with wedding planning. Consider these tips to include […]